NASA and Nortel Set For Launch

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Greg Galitzine

NASA and Nortel Set For Launch

I just came across this interesting news item, that Nortel was chosen to support NASA's in its endeavors going forward.

When the Space Shuttle program resumes this summer, NASA's Mission Command and Telemetry Network -- recently upgraded by Nortel -- will enable the sharing of information between the Space Shuttle Discovery, the International Space Station, and NASA's Operations Centers.

Nortel also deployed their Mobility Solution at Kennedy Space Center which will enable journalists to report their stories wirelessly. Over 2,500 reporters are expected for the launch of Discovery

There's also a bit of a personal angle here as I have always held tremendous regard for and interest in the space program. And, my first job in publishing was with the magazine NASA Tech Briefs. So telecom meets outer space, in a way. I can just hear Schwarzenegger now, "I got to get my Asterisk to Mars!"

In any event, the news item can be found here.

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