Nations Agree To Let US Manage the Internet

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Nations Agree To Let US Manage the Internet

The Associated Press is reporting from Tunisia this morning that negotiators from over 100 nations have agreed to leave the United States in charge of the Internet’s root servers and addressing system.

According to the AP, “The World Summit on the Information Society had been overshadowed by a lingering, if not vocal, struggle about overseeing the domain names and technical issues that make the Internet work and keep people from Pakistan to Canada surfing Web sites in the search for information, news and buying and selling.”

The report quoted U.S. officials who said that instead of transferring management of the system to an international body such as the United Nations, an international forum would be created to address concerns. The forum, however, would have no binding authority.

The deal leaves essentially maintains the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) as the managing entity.

According to U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce Michael D. Gallagher, “The onus now lies with the developing world to bring in not just opinions, but investment to expand the Internet to their benefit.”

I bet the National Taxpayers Union will be happy to hear the news

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We believe that USA should manage the Internet with an International Agenda for Global Security and "safe" media convergence. Not to mention International DR. Like the Katrina efforts..

Summary of the Information Systems, Inc. Project to Provide Communications to a Hurricane Devastated Region using VoIP technology!

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When Hurricane Katrina hit, ISI knew that communications would be necessary for emergency and rescue crews to work. ISI was determined to assist and developed an emergency WiFi plan within 24-hours of the Hurricane and purchased equipment at substantial discount from MCI, T3 Wireless and Allot Communications. ISI partnered with MCI to provide access to its functional communications facility in Baton Rouge and had an ISI team of six employees deployed in the area within 72 hours.

ISI was granted access to the ravaged area with help from Rescue International.

Three satellite uplinks and mobile access points for temporary communications have been deployed. They are in Rescue International�s command post in Slidell, LA (primarily to assist the Tammany, LA Sheriff�s Department), Slidell�s First Baptist Church Tent-City (a Red Cross post) and the New Orleans Police Department�s 7th precinct. The ISI team has tapped into functional MCI facilities in Baton Rouge and has installed permanent WiFi facilities from that point to locations in Geismar, LA and Gramercy, LA.

ISI expected to have the WiFi system extended by today, Thursday, Sept 22, to Garyville, LA. However, safety concerns with the new storm may prevent them from completing this as expected. Next, WiFi equipment will be installed in the Galleria Mall (located in the North West side of New Orleans), the Folgers Coffee Plant (located in the East side of New Orleans), the 7th precinct in New Orleans and then to Slidell, LA. ISI then plans to continue marching East with their service, all the way to Mississippi.

ISI to date has expended $700,000 to seed the project which includes: purchase of eight towers, three mobile towers with portable arrays, one H-1 Hummer for a command vehicle and three 4 x 4 trucks. ISI expects this investment to triple by the end of the year.

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