NeuStar Launches Clearinghouse Solution

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NeuStar Launches Clearinghouse Solution

NeuStar, Inc., a provider of trusted information exchange services for the communications industry, today announced its clearinghouse solution for policy-based IP services enablement, routing management, and real-time network control. The IP Clearinghouse provides network intelligence required to link islands of VoIP and other IP- based services among service providers' networks and those of their customers. It is designed to save costs by providing real-time information needed to accurately route and manage end-to-end IP connectivity, by enabling direct peering for calls, messages, or sessions.

Building on NeuStar's existing Convergent Clearinghouse platform, this new suite is geared to assist service providers to quickly launch services while reducing capital and operating expenditures. The offering is available immediately and is deployed today with major service providers.

NeuStar's IP Clearinghouse core is a real-time registry built on ENUM technology that contains over 100 million entries and supports over 20,000 updates/day. ENUM, widely recognized as the key enabler of convergence, is the IETF Standard for converting a telephone number into an Internet domain name. Together with the companion standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), it powers a new generation of open communications services for businesses and consumers, the first of which is end-to-end VoIP.

NeuStar's IP Clearinghouse services include:
• VoIP endpoint directory and discovery services based on ENUM to maximize end-to-end IP routing and information exchange.
• One-stop access via DNS to real-time network routing data, including number portability and pooling information.
• High-volume policy-based AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) services for dynamic network control.
• Wireless data roaming management features.
• Comprehensive provisioning interfaces to assure interoperability between IP and PSTN networks.

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