Oracle Solution Assists Roadside Dispatch

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Oracle Solution Assists Roadside Dispatch

There’s nothing I like more than a case study of a successful implementation of technology. Especially, one where the technology in question better equips the company to help people in need.
A recent article by our own Stefania Viscusi highlights one such successful implementation of Oracle’s Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand solution. She writes:
With Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand, Continental Dispatch, a virtual call center operation, was able to provide Pop-a-Lock, a provider of 24/7 emergency roadside assistance and locksmith services, with the benefits of a hosted solution.
With the solution, not only were they able to better manage incoming call requests and better answer to caller needs, they were also able to allow agents to work from home. The solution routes calls to a virtual network of agents to collect information and get technicians out into the field.
For more on this successful deployment and to learn more about Oracle’s Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand, please check out the Continental Dispatch case study by clicking here.

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Hi, I am the owner/operator of Little Mountain Towing and was interested in being a vendor for Oracle Roadside Assistance. I am located in Parksville, British Columbia, Canada. Thankyou,

Jeff Vandenhoorn

can anybody help pls...

above links in this post provides just the case study

what are the requirements to be a successfull vendor


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