Packet8 Adds Mobility

November 19, 2007
Packet8 today announced the Packet8 MobileTalk international calling service for mobile phone users.
Over 340 handset models are supported out of the gate, including mobile smartphones running the Windows, Palm or Symbian operating systems. Blackberries are also supported.
One of the hallmarks of the MobileTalk solution is its simplicity. Users simply go to he Packet8 Web site to sign up, and a custom software app is created on-the-fly that’s downloaded to the user’s mobile phone over the air. If the user does not have a data plan, an e-mail is sent with the software as an attachment, which the user can then download to their handset by syncing with their PC as they would normally do to add other software.
Once the number is dialed or selected from, say, a recently missed calls directory, the MobileTalk application identifies the international prefix being called and redirects the call to a local Packet8 network access number.
From there, Packet8 initiates the international call at a low per-minute rate.
Customers can sign up for a Packet8 MobileTalk account starting today at the company’s dedicated MobileTalk site.
Packet8 is positioning MobileTalk as a standalone solution, so customers do not need to have an existing Packet8 account to take advantage of the solution, however discounts apply to Packet8 VoIP or MobileTalk subscribers. A one-time $9.99 activation fee for the service and a monthly fee of $9.99 apply to non-Packet 8 subscribers. Existing Packet8 VoIP subscribers, including subscribers with one Packet8 MobileTalk account, pay a monthly service fee of $4.99.

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Comments to Packet8 Adds Mobility

  1. Perry Nalevka :

    Thanks for the Great Feedback. Our company MobileMax is the technology behind MobileTalk

  1. Markus Göbel's Tech News Comments :

    Packet8 MobileTalk could be done much better

    When Packet8 presented MobileTalk I was fascinated, but just for some seconds. Then I thought: What a lost opportunity! It could have been such a great application, if it 1.) hadn't such an expensive basic fee, 2.) wasn't bound to one particular VoIP provider and 3.) didn't work only in the US. READ MORE...

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