Patch That Browser!

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Patch That Browser!

According to a study published this week by researchers at The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Google and IBM Internet Security Services, Internet surfers as a group are complacent when it comes to updating their browsers to the latest available versions.

Just over 59% of us use fully patched, up-to-date browsers.

Of course this invites hackers and other ne'er do wells to potentially exploit the outdated browsers and, well, frankly that's not a good thing.

The authors of the research study, titled: Understanding the Web browser Threat: Examination Of Vulnerable Online Web Browser Populations And The "Insecurity Iceberg" propose that computer software be treated more like perishable goods such as food, complete with warnings, expiration dates, and a clear listing of missing plug-ins and patches.


For more, check out the report online.

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