Beatles Final Gig - 40 Years On

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Beatles Final Gig - 40 Years On

Beatles roof concert.jpgOn this day in 1969, I was but a wee lad with not a care in the world. Across the pond from where I was busy forming my first words, a group of four famous Liverpudlians were making their final public appearance.

It struck me in a way that so many things these days tend to, with a growing realization that the numbers associated with my life keep getting bigger.


13 years at TMC... 16 years kids are how old? When I was growing up the 60's were the near past, the 70's were in full bell bottomed swing and, well ... times were sure different, weren't they?


In any event, 40 years ago (to toss out another big number) the Beatle's held an impromptu gig atop the Apple recording studios in London's Saville Row. Bespoke suits anyone?


There were plans to hold a symbolic commemorative gig today, but guess what? Police pulled the plug on the tribute concert, much the way they did 40 years ago.

Let it be, I say. Let it be.

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