Phone Outage? Not Necessarily a VoIP Thing

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Phone Outage? Not Necessarily a VoIP Thing

Yesterday Rich Tehrani blogged about the recent Vonage outage.

Well for everyone who thinks this type of thing only happens to customers who choose VoIP providers, I was unable to reach my family on the phone today too. Thing is, my provider is Verizon, and this is my landline we're talking about. Estimated time until Verizon can send someone out to check things out? 24 to 30 hours. This is ridiculous. In fact it's bordering on criminal. My house is essentially "off the grid" and I'm placed ina  queue for a over a day??? 

And please don't suggest that cell phones should cover me in the interim. I don't recall reading that in the fine print when I signed up for Verizon's service.


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