Pingtel Launches Open Source Channel Program

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Pingtel Launches Open Source Channel Program

There will be many news announcements made this week at the Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO here in sunny south Florida. One of the first releases to cross my transom is the news that Pingtel is expanding their global reach by launching a worldwide channel program.

Already over 20 vendors have signed on to promote Open Source SIP solutions to the global marketplace. The news release appears below.

Pingtel aggressively Expands market reach with launch of worldwide channel Program for Solution Providers

More than 20 traditional IT and VoIP resellers, system integrators and distributors join Pingtel to deliver leading open source, enterprise SIP IP communications products to market.


"Pingtel’s SIPxchange and SIP softphone give us an immediate cost and technology advantage as we target enterprise customers that want to leverage the benefits of VoIP but don’t want to pay TDM-market prices," said Don Witt, CEO of California-base VoIP distributor Cylogistics. "Pingtel’s modular system architecture for SIPxchange allows further customer flexibility as we can now more easily target a greater number of specific customer and value added reseller opportunities for toll bypass, call control or full IP PBX applications. As our customers’ needs change, having a flexible core solution such as SIPxchange, enables us to adapt end points, features and applications quickly and cost effectively."

Pingtel’s open source business model, for the first time, delivers PC-like pricing to the enterprise voice communications market. Based on a simple and low-cost pricing model, instead of the expensive per seat models of competing proprietary systems, enterprise customers don’t pay a usage tax as their businesses grow. This low-cost, high-value approach provides IT resellers with a natural extension to their existing datacenter business.

"Before Pingtel introduced the Linux-based subscription model for enterprise communications, our customers viewed VoIP as trading one expensive ‘black box’ technology for another which didn’t meet their ongoing management or cost reduction needs," said Gary Scroggs, partner of Innovational IP Solutions, LLC, a new breed of reseller that provides pre-integrated solutions located in Seattle, Washington. "By providing a service and support model similar to how they purchase their servers and other IT applications, our customers are now looking at adopting VoIP technology not in the next 12 – 18 months but today."

Pingtel delivers enterprise-class SIP PBX, SIP call manager and softphone applications based on open source software from SIPfoundry, Inc., similar to the Red Hat model for delivery of professional-grade Linux ( Unlike vertically integrated systems, Pingtel’s award-winning open-source based solutions provide open interfaces, allowing customers and VARs to use best-of-breed IP phones, gateways and applications, driving down user costs and vastly improving the user experience. Moreover, Pingtel’s open source-based systems are easily extensible by the open source community, users and partners, substantially improving cycle time for new feature development, resulting in significantly greater customer control and value of enterprise communications systems.

"With Pingtel’s SIPxchange, we were able to launch a proven VoIP platform that delivers on the features and reliability that our subscribers demand at a fraction of the cost typically associated with such a solution." said Jason Michaud, CTO of PurDigital Media, Inc., a hosted Voice and Video over IP provider offering residential services in the Atlanta-metro area. "Through Innovational IP Solutions, we’re getting the support and engineering expertise we require; freeing us to focus on delivering the VoIP solution to our subscriber base and increasing revenues."

With SIPxchange, Pingtel’s Solution Provider Partners are offering customers solutions tailored to meet specific needs, leveraging the best technologies available to build a complete enterprise-grade VoIP solution. Solution Providers also benefit from the ability to select a wide variety of SIP desktop phones, analog telephone adapters, gateways and other SIP-based enterprise communications products from Pingtel’s Ecosystem partners including Polycom, AudioCodes, Vegastream, Check Point Software Technologies and others that deliver the best return.

"Our solution provider partners are looking for alternatives to vertically integrated voice solutions and we enable them to deliver tremendous cost benefits and enhanced flexibility options to their customers that are adopting VoIP technologies," said Jerry Stabile, senior vice president of sales and service for Pingtel. "SIPxchange provides our channel partners with a wide range of options to choose from as they work to meet their individual customer’s needs and goals. This enhanced level of flexibility in terms of products and pricing delivers immediate and long-lasting competitive advantage as they grow market share, enter new markets and better serve their existing customers. In addition Pingtel’s extensive third-party certification program makes it easy of vendors with the confidence that these products will interoperate out of the box."

The Pingtel Solution Provider program has two levels; Approved Solution Providers and Certified Solution Providers. These programs are directed at offering partners a choice of benefits including co-marketing, training, support and discount levels. For more information about becoming a Pingtel Solution Provider partner contact Pingtel at

— Pingtel Corp., the leading provider of open source, commercial-grade enterprise communications solutions, today announced the company’s Solution Provider Program to extend its range and reach into the small and medium business and enterprise markets in the U.S. and abroad. With more than 20 solution providers signed to date, Pingtel expects to quickly accelerate the adoption of the industry’s only 100 percent open source, 100 percent native SIP enterprise communications platform. SIPxchange, the enterprise SIP PBX for Linux, enables Pingtel’s solution providers to realize greater returns, higher margins and more cost-effective solutions over traditional, proprietary VoIP solutions. Additionally, Pingtel’s solution providers are able to tap into Pingtel’s professional services program for training, support and application-specific development.

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