Powell Out; VoIP Industry Reacts (Part 1)

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Powell Out; VoIP Industry Reacts (Part 1)

This morning's report from The Wall Street Journal, that FCC Chairman Michael Powell was set to step down from his post today, set off a flurry of activity throughout the blogosphere (here) (here) and the online community.

As a service to my readers, I plan to publish observations from the leading voices in our industry as they respond to my call for commentary.

First up, Michael Khalilian, chairman and president of the International Packet Communications Consoritum, a leading VoIP forum, checks in with his thoughts:

“Chairman Powell leaves behind a positive legacy. As a proponent of competition, Michael Powell’s FCC rulings were encouraging for both ILECs and CLECs. Perhaps most important was Chairman Powell’s initiatives to ‘leave VoIP alone’ allowing service providers to focus on deploying the technology and allowing it to mature rather than get bogged down focusing on the regulatory issues at hand.

“I hope that Powell’s replacement will continue to pursue policies that will enhance competition in the industry and foster further development of packet telephony. The objective should be to create an environment where service providers, vendors, and consumers work cohesively to transition to a new generation of packet communications replete with all the features and functions for use in our daily lives.”

Keep an eye on this space all day as the comments keep rolling in.

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