Powell Out; VoIP Industry Reacts (Part 2)

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Greg Galitzine

Powell Out; VoIP Industry Reacts (Part 2)

FCC Chairman Michael Powell is set to announce that he will step down from his post today.

As promised, I will continue to publish comments from industry thought leaders regarding this news.

Here's what Neal Shact, CEO of CommuniTech had to say regarding Powell's resignation.

"Chairman Powell has been a shining beacon of government restraint and has been very supportive of the government nurturing a young VoIP industry that challenges the status quo. It is a sad day when such an enlightened government official departs. Normally you only get this level of interest and caring as a result of lobbyists and special interests spending a lot of money.

"Chairman Powell will go down in the history books as one of the founding fathers of a new generation of communications services. All of us in the VoIP industry owe him our thanks."

Neal Shact was founder and chairman of The International VoIP Council. He is a noted industry expert as well as the CEO of Communitech Services and Clarisys.

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