Qualcomm Drops Another Battle in Nokia Patent War

March 3, 2008
Qualcomm has taken it on the chin today.
In its ongoing legal patent battle with Nokia, (this time in the U.K.) Justice Christopher Floyd ruled at the High Court in London that one of Qualcomm's patents is invalid and another is partially invalid.
This all has to do with Nokia and Qualcomm’s fight over technology used in 3G phones to allow faster Internet access.
Nokia’s CFO, Rick Simonson welcomed the ruling. "We are pleased with the Court's decision that the patent claims are invalid and believe it is consistent with and supported by the facts. This is the second court to conclude that Qualcomm does not have relevant and valid GSM patents."
Last week, the US International Trade Commission (ITC) decided against Qualcomm's petition for review of the Initial Determination, which was issued on December 12, 2007. In that Determination, a judge concluded that Nokia did not infringe three Qualcomm patents, as the latter alleged, and that one of the patents is in fact invalid. The ITC investigation has officially been concluded.

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