Qwest Rings Up MCI. Is Verizon on Call Waiting?

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Greg Galitzine

Qwest Rings Up MCI. Is Verizon on Call Waiting?

The Wall St. Journal is reporting that Qwest is in talks to buy MCI for about $6.3 billion, which would make the second major telecom deal in less than a week, hot on the heels of the AT&T/SBC deal, which I’ve touched on "a little bit" in the past few days.

 Everyone in the world is reporting this news, so take your pick whose version you want to read.

MCI has some obvious assets that make it an attractive target. It has an impressive roster of clients, as well as a huge global network that is the envy of many. 

So attractive are these assets that Verizon is in line to talk with MCI as well. I wonder how Verizon's VoiceWing would fare as the VoIP service with the "home field advantage" on MCI's global network? 

Stay tuned, I’ll keep an eye on this story and try to get some industry insiders to weigh in once things become clearer.

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