Roam From Home With SoftGnome

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Greg Galitzine

Roam From Home With SoftGnome

TelEvolution just announced SoftGnome, a virtual extension solution designed to go hand in hand with the company’s PhoneGnome solution.

SoftGnome is designed to enable PCs, PDAs, and WiFi handsets to be connected to a PhoneGnome equipped landline telephone.

Andy Abramson has much more to say about the solution here.

According to David Beckemeyer, founder and CEO of TelEvolution, “SoftGnome is an extension of PhoneGnome that you can use virtually everywhere. By using a SoftGnome configured PC, PDA, or wireless handset, anyone can take their home phone service with them, anywhere there is Internet access.”

Just to be clear, this solution is not to be confused with Travelocity's Roaming Gnome, although the potential marketing link is too good to be left alone.

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