Rumours of Google and Skype... Oh My!

November 21, 2007
There’s goes Rich again, spreading rumours.
It’s rumours with a “u” because this particular speculation got its start in the UK, where Jemima Kiss — writing on The Guardian’s pda:thedigitalcontentblog — hypothesized about a Skype/Google marriage.

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Comments to Rumours of Google and Skype... Oh My!

  1. Bill Burke :

    We heard the same 'rumours' - and we found posts in more than one place, too!

    In fact, we found an article that talks about Microsoft entereing the foray!

    Bill Burke

  1. mitesh :

    is that rumor right ?

    if so - it will definitely be a plus

    also read about it on other blogs aswell

    i assume - this rumor is getting popular

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