Russell Shaw, 1947-2008. Rest in Peace.

March 17, 2008
Russell Shaw has died at the age of 60, far too young by any standard. Opinionated, intelligent, prolific… Shaw still had much to say, whether writing about VoIP or Mobile devices for the team at ZDnet, or Regulations and Standards here at TMCnet, or posting his views on Politics and culture related issues for The Huffington Post.
I had known Shaw for a long time as simply someone on the other side of an e-mail trail. Somehow for all the years we circulated in the same universe I never got a chance to meet the man, until ITEXPO in Miami this past January. And I’m glad I did finally get the opportunity, for our meeting forever attached a real person to our correspondence.
A real person who is now gone.
Shaw was an avid writer, thrusting himself into his work with an energy and conviction I wish many of my younger colleagues in the space would emulate. He was certainly dedicated to his craft.
Shaw’s passing leaves a very real void in the blogging community, and he will be missed by many.
Rest in Peace, Russell.

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