Skype At Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO

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Skype At Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO

Niklas Zennström, CEO and co-founder of Skype, will address the audience at Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO in Los Angeles on October 6. Mr. Zennström will present via videoconference from London, England. There’s still time to register to attend the event. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear a keynote address from one of the more interesting personalities in the VoIP space.

The October issue of Internet Telephony magazine will feature a brief interview with Mr. Zennström. Here’s a sneak peek at some of what he had to say.

IT: In light of the tremendous competition in the VoIP space, how much of an impact do you believe P2P telephony can have in capturing market share away from established service providers?
NZ: They have a competitive disadvantage since they already have a huge cost structure and they will not be able to take advantage of the new technologies, and the cost savings, when you don't need to deploy any infrastructure.

IT: Some folks question why Skype does not support SIP. How do you respond to these people?NZ: Skype has been downloaded more than 21 million times, that make the Skype base much bigger than the SIP base. When we decided to create Skype, one of the reasons was that SIP did not do a good job on the real Internet, where people are behind firewalls and NATs. Skype solves those problems.

IT: How secure is your service and can it be wiretapped if need be?
NZ: I am not aware of any telephony service that is as secure as Skype. We have created a PKI infrastructure which uses 256-bit AES strong, U.S. government encryption, also due to the PKI, it’s not possible to do identity theft. Therefore it is not possible to wiretap.

Feedback for Skype At Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO


I have had a very bad experience with Skype. I prepaid for their call-out service but I was never able to use it. When I contacted them, they were unable/unwilling to help AND refused to refund my money (even though according to them it was their technical problem. This has been going on since Jan 16).

What do you suggest I should/can do. I do not want to accept a company cheating their customers.

Thank you

I have a similar problem .. In my case thay never return emails and they do not give me anywhere near the minutes that they promise. They are worse than any Bell ever was. The
chat operator says it is a "known" problem. Does the word "fraud" come to mind?

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