SONY Launches IPELA Product Line

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SONY Launches IPELA Product Line

The first thing I noticed when I walked into 550 Madison Avenue was the SONY shop located just off the lobby. My goodness, this company makes some cool toys! I mean, the T-series VAIOs…. These make the perfect gift for any magazine editors on your shopping list… (Our legal department just advised me to say that I’m kidding. OK. I’m kidding.)

But all joking aside, the name SONY continues to be associated with high-quality electronics in both the consumer as well as professional realms. That’s why I accepted an invitation to attend the company’s press conference and luncheon introducing Sony's newest sub-brand of IP Communications products. I was curious to see what they had in store.

As it turns out, SONY launched its new IPELA line of IP-based communications products, a series of products including IP monitoring and recording devices as well as IP-ready videoconferencing systems.

Known for its unique product nomenclature (see: VAIO) SONY has come up with a new term again. IPELA combines IP (Internet protocol) with BELLA, the Italian word for beautiful.

Beautiful IP.

During the launch presentation, SONY’s President of Broadcast & Business Solutions, John Scarcella noted that the concept of vision is very closely related to the concept of communications. For example, he said, “…successful leaders are said to have ‘vision.’ When we understand something, we say ‘I see.’ IPELA represents our vision of expanded IP-based business communications — one that will make global visual communications as commonplace as a telephone call.”

Among the first products in the IPELA line are the PCS-G70 room videoconferencing system and the PCS-TL50 desktop videoconferencing system. Also available are a series of network video monitoring cameras.

Regarding the future roadmap of the IPELA line, SONY executives told the media and analysts in the audience to keep an eye out for enhancements including high-definition video for videoconferencing and surveillance uses; extended use of IP for monitoring and surveillance; and an array of endpoints and mobile terminals designed to facilitate the delivery of data, voice, and video.

SONY also announced several customers, including the NBA, Grossmont Union School District, and the NFL.

During the briefing, Mr. Scarcella took the time to acknowledge leaders from partner companies who are involved in SONY’s integrated visual communications (IVC) strategy: RADVision, Glowpoint, ClearOne, and Mimio. Also present at the briefing, and representative of SONY HQ’s commitment to this initiative, was Yoshinori Onoue, Deputy President of SONY’s Professional Solutions Network Company, based out of Tokyo.

I’d also like to thank the wonderful team at the Hoffman Agency for all their help.

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