Sphere Announces Sphericall 5

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Sphere Announces Sphericall 5

I saw this on today's wire. Looks like Sphere Communications has finally taken the covers off its Release 5 of Sphericall. I've summarized the release below wiith a focus on what I think are the more significant elements of this news.

Sphericall 5 features communications Web Services for business application software integration, SIP trunking and expanded SIP device support, software-based call recording and Assured Services for optimizing emergency communications.

Building on standard XML and SOAP technology, Sphere now offers Sphericall Web Services which is intended to provide access to the rich communications services of the software-based Sphericall IP PBX.  A key component of Sphericall is a Software Development Kit (SDK) that delivers a platform-neutral and language-neutral set of development tools for fast, flexible and repeatable application development and integration.

The Web Services SDK is currently available and contains the Sphericall Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) specification, sample applications (including Web, PDA, and CRM applications), Sphericall IP PBX Simulator and comprehensive documentation.

Developers can request the SDK via email at SDKrequest@spherecom.com

The solution's SIP trunking capabilities enable organizations to converge voice and data onto common all-IP connections, establishing the foundation for rich communications services across enterprise boundaries.  Sphericall SIP trunking also enables Service Providers to deliver a new hybrid of hosted/premise-based IP PBX solutions to organizations that demand the highest level of control over their communications environment as well as the ability to integrate on-premise IP communications with mission-critical business applications.

Sphere also announced it certifed new devices from Grandstream and UT Starcom.



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