Sphere to Open its Platform

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Greg Galitzine

Sphere to Open its Platform

Tomorrow's news will feature an item from Sphere Communications: the news will concern CSE or Communications Services Engine. The gist of the announcement is that Sphere is opening their software platform for OEMs and ISVs.

This announcement is pretty much in keeping with the theme I see unfolding here at VoIP Developer Conference. That is to say that vendors are increasingly opening their platforms for third-party developers to create those applications that will drive this industry forward. And as we've been saying since the very first issue of Internet Telephony magazine, "It's all about the services."

I'm looking forward to the Wednesday schedule at VoIP Developer, which will feature keynotes from Sangoma (David Mandelstam) and Avaya (Lawrence Byrd) and the Product Showcases from a number of vendors. Also the program includes the opening of the Exhibit Hall floor for attendees to check out the latest innovations from the exhibitors.

I hope to see you there.

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