SX Design Set To Take Market By Storm

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SX Design Set To Take Market By Storm

In my position, I’m privileged to meet new companies a wee bit before they make their big splash into the VoIP market. One such “relative” newcomer is SX Design. While this Oslo Norway-based developer has been around since 2000, they will be wading deeper into the US market in the coming days. (I've also been told to keep an eye on their Web site as it promises to evolve shortly.)

SX Design develops and markets software and development tools designed to enable cost effective VoIP devices and solutions. The company’s flagship offering is their SIP Software Development Kit, a flexible, fast and compact platform facilitating development of applications for SIP. SX Design has taken a “Saturn” approach in that the SDK is available for one price, all options included, no haggling.

SX Design also develops customizable VoIP products like IP Phones and terminal adapters (ATA) for the fast-growing consumer VoIP space. I get the sense that this company’s timing is perfect, for as much as the consumer space has grown in the past 6-12 months, it’s not really begun to explode.

Some of the ideas I discussed with the company were using their IP Phones in settings where cost versus practical features is an issue. No one needs a fully featured 3Com or Cisco or Nortel phone at absolutely every point in their enterprise. SX Design referenced a study where it was found that 15%-17% of a large enterprise installation of IP Phones was so-called entry/exit points, guard stations, and the like. There’s no need to purchase $200 phones for these locations. And let’s face it, 15% of a 50,000 phone installation is some serious cash.

Likewise, through manufacturing contracts and advanced designs, SX Design's ATAs cost a fraction of the price when compared to the traditional competition. This creates an opportunity for service providers to buy and re-brand the SX Design devices for resale to consumers. AT&T branded all those black phones for years, and when you made a call, you knew whose device – and network service – you were using. Marketers take heed.

All in all, I look forward to tracking this “new” company as they wade further into VoIP market.

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