Teleglobe, NORDUnet Extend Bandwith Agreement

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Teleglobe, NORDUnet Extend Bandwith Agreement

It's a good day for bandwidth it seems...

This time the focus is on Service Providers as Teleglobe International annouces an agreement with NORDUnet whereby Teleglobe will double capacity to provide high-speed Internet connectivity between NORDUnet and the Icelandic research and education community. The upgrade provides NORDUnet with the capacity required to support the growth in IP traffic.

The release follows:

Teleglobe and NORDUnet Double Capacity to Accommodate IP Traffic Growth

HAMILTON, Bermuda--April 19, 2005--Teleglobe International Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ:TLGB), a leading provider of international telecommunications services to Internet service providers and fixed and mobile network operators, today announced that the company has extended its agreement with NORDUnet and doubled capacity to provide high-speed Internet connectivity between NORDUnet and the Icelandic research and education community. The upgrade provides NORDUnet with the capacity required to support the growth in IP traffic.

The extended agreement calls for the provision of 310 Mbps direct connection using the eastern part of the CANTAT-3 sea cable between Vestmannaeyjar in Iceland and Blaabjerg in Denmark. In addition, a 155 Mbps IP connection on the western part of CANTAT-3 provides resilience for general IP traffic. These high bandwidth links provide academics, students and researchers in Iceland a state of the art capability to exchange information and collaborate with their colleagues in the Nordic region as well as thousands of universities, government and private research centers worldwide.

NORDUnet is the Nordic backbone network for national research and education networks in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and provides advanced networking connectivity for its users. Teleglobe owns and operates one of the most extensive global telecommunications networks, and is a leading provider of IP Transit to carriers and ISPs around the world.

"We are pleased to be extending our relationship with Teleglobe once again," said General Manager Peter Villemoes of NORDUnet A/S. "For over 7 years, Teleglobe has been providing NORDUnet with advanced networking services that our academic and research communities require for collaboration and exchange of information."

"With over one million users in the Nordic countries, NORDUnet is one of the most advanced research and education networks in the world," said Christian Michaud, Vice President of Marketing at Teleglobe. "This agreement is further testament to the quality of our services and builds on our expertise as a reliable backbone for global research and education. We are proud to support NORDUnet to enable advanced communications between Nordic academic communities."

Teleglobe has long been an active participant in the deployment of international education and research networks. In 1994, Teleglobe provided the first intercontinental link for what was to become the next generation Internet. Since then Teleglobe has provided international capability to most of the world's advanced research and networks.

Teleglobe's global network supports a wide variety of advanced data and IP services including global IP transit, international private leased circuits (IPLs), bandwidth and broadcast services. Teleglobe has ownership in over 100 subsea and terrestrial cable systems and has 40 antennas serving the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Teleglobe is a global Tier 1 Internet service provider (ISP) and operates the IP backbone AS 6453 which circles the globe. Our MPLS-enabled IP network connects more than 90 countries to the Internet and is also supporting IPv6, the new generation IP protocol.

About NORDUnet:

NORDUnet A/S operates and develops the Nordic internet backbone (NORDUnet) for research and education and has been the forerunner in adopting advanced networking standards for the benefit of its users. NORDUnet A/S is a Danish limited company owned by the Nordic ministries of education and research or institutions under their control. The company administration is located in Horsholm, Denmark, In addition to providing advanced internet connectivity NORDUnet is also involved in coordinating and supporting the networking research initiatives.

About Teleglobe:

Teleglobe International Holdings Ltd is a leading provider of international voice, data, Internet and mobile roaming services with over 50 years of industry expertise in international telecommunications. Teleglobe became a public company trading on the Nasdaq under the symbol TLGB with the acquisition of Voice over IP (VoIP) network leader ITXC Corp. on June 1, 2004.

Teleglobe owns and operates one of the world's most extensive telecommunications networks, reaching over 240 countries and territories with advanced voice, mobile, and data services. Teleglobe is the carrier of choice to more than 1,200 wholesale customers representing the world's leading telecommunications, mobile operators and Internet service providers.

With an annual run-rate of over 13 billion minutes, and a significant portion of the world's Internet traffic, Teleglobe's network is consistently ranked among the most robust and reliable, performing at the high end of industry standards. Detailed information about Teleglobe is available on the company's web site at

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