Teleo Intros Personal, Portable VoIP Service

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Teleo Intros Personal, Portable VoIP Service

Teleo, a San Francisco-based VoIP provider, unveiled its new software and service at the DEMO@15! Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. The software targets mobile professionals and those who rely on cell phones and e-mail as primary communication vehicles.

Teleo is a personal, portable VoIP system that lets customers use their cell phone, regular phone, or PC to receive VoIP calls. Unlike location- or device-centric telephony, Teleo is a free-floating service that can be used anywhere there’s an Internet connection. It features patent-pending technology that safely traverses firewalls without changing settings, so calls can be made over WiFi or inside corporate environments. When Internet access is inconvenient, Teleo calls can be made or received on a cellular or regular phone.

Because Teleo is SIP-compliant, it works with enterprise VoIP systems and other VoIP networks. Teleo offers Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer integration, facilitating “click to call” for any telephone number on the screen; it includes call forwarding and will soon offer voice mail.

Teleo’s voice quality is powered by GIPS VoiceEngine technology. Account management is facilitated through Teleo’s Web site. Users can set an inbound calling number, change voice mail and call forwarding settings, and view call detail records for PC-to-PC calls and calls to regular telephones.

The Teleo service is priced at $4.95 per month; a free 30 day trial can be downloaded here.

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