TMCnet Launches IPTV Channel sponsored by Espial

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TMCnet Launches IPTV Channel sponsored by Espial

TMCnet’s IPTV Channel launched today. Sponsored by IPTV middleware supplier Espial, the IPTV channel will be a blend of news, white papers, user submitted content and industry insights geared toward educating the marketplace.
Brian Mahony, Espial’s vice president of marketing, had the following to say upon the release of this new forum:
Any time there is this type of convergence not just of technology and services, but of different players across related industries, there needs to be a place to exchange ideas, comment on the issues of the day, and learn from case studies of successful deployments. Equally important however, is the need for there to be a group of forward-thinking players that will provide thought leadership as the market evolves.
“We at Espial hope the IPTV Channel will foster that thought leadership and be a catalyst to open the debate on IPTV as well as a forum for those serious about making a go of it. This initiative marks the beginning of a long journey that will only come to an end once “ubiquitous IPTV” is a reality— once IP-video over broadband is available regardless of the device or network topology.
“For now the first chapter of this adventure is being written as service providers come to fully grasp the financial and strategic benefits of IPTV, and also the key challenges that must be overcome for wide-scale deployment and user-adoption to happen. We invite you to help us write this history as it takes place by contributing to the IPTV Channel and engaging in the exchanges that will make this journey an enriching experience for all.”

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