Top 8 Trends Shaping the Customer Service Experience

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Top 8 Trends Shaping the Customer Service Experience has released a fascinating informational video titled, Top 8 Trends Shaping The Customer Service Experience.
The video features a pair of high-level presenters, Michael Maoz, vice president and distinguished analyst from Gartner, and Kendall Collins, senior vice president of corporate marketing at
The two discuss a number of issues and challenges facing customer service executives, the trends that are shaping the customer service industry, and how service execs can take advantage of them.
Among other subjects, both Gartner and speakers do a great job sharing insights on the innovative technologies and processes shaping the future of customer service.
Without giving too much away, some of the technologies addressed include:
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) and hosted applications;
  • Feedback management systems or customer experience management systems;
  • Real-time decision support systems that enable agents to solve complex issues on-the-fly; and
  • Community management/community software programs, delivered as software.
The video also highlights several customer success stories.
If you are an executive in the customer service industry, you know how challenging it can be, day in and day out.
I urge you to check out this informational offering from and Gartner.
You might just thank me later.

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