TTI Releases Broadband Powerline Research

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TTI Releases Broadband Powerline Research

Virginia-based Telecom Trends International, Inc., a Market Research and Strategic Consulting outfit released a report earlier this week saying that BPL or broadband powerline communications is poised for growth.  According to the firm, worldwide service revenue is expected to reach $4.4 billion by 2011.

BPL technology uses the electricity power grid to bring broadband signals into buildings, which of course has interesting potential for applications such as VoIP.

The report, “Broadband Powerline Communications: Ready for Take-Off,” states that Broadband Powerline Communications for access applications (BPL-Access) is well positioned to compete head-on with DSL and cable modem technologies for a share of the broadband access market.

The report estimates that the BPL-Access services market generated $57.1 million in revenue worldwide in 2004, and projects that by 2011, BPL-Access will generate $4.4 billion in revenue worldwide. 

The report says that there is no global standard for BPL-Access– each vendor offers its own proprietary solution – but BPL-Access allows the use of existing infrastructure which lowers the cost of deployment, allowing the provision of services at competitive prices The report covers developments. in Broadband Powerline Communications globally.

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