Voice Peering Forum Underway

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Greg Galitzine

Voice Peering Forum Underway

The Voice Peering Forum Spring 2006 is underway. The Forum will be held today and tomorrow (March 30-31, 2006) at the Wyndham Miami Beach Resort, in Miami, Florida.

Our own Rich Tehrani is keynoting the event tomorrow morning at 8:30 am. I’m sure Rich will have some interesting comments in his blog over the course of the next two days.

The Voice Peering Forum is an event designed to bring together industry experts to share their insights on the latest business and technology implementations and discuss topics such as  

  • Voice Peering Implementations
  • Bi-Lateral Peering (Least-Cost-Routing) and Multi-Lateral Peering (ENUM)
  • Transitioning to IP based trunking for voice origination, voice termination and SS7
  • Voice Peering Technologies and Techniques
  • Strategy, Design and Best Practices for VoIP Security & QoS

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