VoiceGlo's VoIP Sweepstakes

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VoiceGlo's VoIP Sweepstakes

Not to be overshadowed by verizon's entry into the VoIP game, VoiceGlo has announced a promotion whereby users of the VoIP service can be eligible to win (cue announcer voice:) A NEW CAR!!!

Voiceglo is encouraging people to ‘Talk It Up’ with friends and family this summer using Voiceglo’s free Internet phone, the GloPhone, and possibly win a car in the process. The company announced its “Talk It Up Sweepstakes,” the first in a series of four sweepstakes contests Voiceglo will be holding throughout the year, with grand prizes that include the winners’ choice of a PT Cruiser, a Cooper MINI, a Volkswagen Beetle convertible, a Chevy SSR convertible, or a Jeep Wrangler Sport convertible.

The first sweepstakes contest is running now until August 31st, and anyone activating a GloPhone at www.glophone.com/sweepstakes will automatically be entered into weekly drawings for Apple iPod minis. Additionally, each winner is entered into a drawing to pick the car of their choice. As an added incentive, customers will receive bonus entries into the sweepstakes for each person they refer to the service who activates a GloPhone before the end of August. There is no limit on the number of sweepstakes entries an individual can be awarded. Other cars and prizes will be given away in subsequent contests each month from September through November.

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