VoIP Developer Keynote: Aculab's Mike Donoghue

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VoIP Developer Keynote: Aculab's Mike Donoghue

This morning’s keynotes began with a request from Mike Donoghue, Aculab’s vice president of sales (Americas business) for a moment of silence as a show of respect for recent world events.


Mike promptly put on his coach’s hat, and using sports – specifically elite-level track – as an analogy urged the assembled audience to “race to win.”


“We are in a race to be first,” said Donoghue. “To be the best. To satisfy customers. To build our companies around the incredible opportunity of VoIP.”


In his fast-paced speech, Donoghue strived to inspire the crowd of developers with his analogy that VoIP development is akin to an Olympic track race. Prepare, train, build towards victory, create a vision, visualize the finish line, win. And do not forget to recharge the batteries of your team after each event. After recovery the next race looms. For Olympians it’s the next meet or event. For tech developers is the next revision, the next architecture, the next startup.


Mike implored the crowd to conceive their dream this week. “Get ready to win the race, he said. “After all this is likely to be the biggest race of your career.”

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