VoIP Peering in 2006

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VoIP Peering in 2006

Stealth Communications is hosting the first Voice Peering Forum today. The event features experts from leading global companies discussing the latest innovations and implementations in VoIP.

TMCnet’s Executive Editor Robert Liu is covering the event (read his synopsis here) as is Rich Tehrani, TMC’s president and VoIP evangelist.

Rich Tehrani breaks down the event on his blog today.

According to Rich, 2006 will be the Year of VoIP Peering.

With all this talk today of VoIP Peering, I thought I would take the time to remind everyone that Internet Telephony EXPO East, which takes place January 24-27, 2006 in Ft. Lauderdale will be the first major event of the year to feature a whole track dedicated to educating conference-goers on the benefits of VoIP Peering. The VoIP Peering Summit will be held on January 26th at the event.

VoIP peering continues to take the world by storm as it allows service providers and enterprises to interconnect VoIP networks directly without the need to have calls from one VoIP network to another travel over the PSTN. Using the PSTN to transmit calls that originate and terminate via VoIP is like printing an e-mail between the sender and recipient, then retyping it back into the computer and sending it off to its destination. Benefits of peering? Less cost via fees and taxes, less regulation, better quality and being a part of what will eventually be the defacto way we transmit VoIP calls between disparate networks.

Last year’s VoIP Peering Summit in So. Florida was a standing room only affair. Register now, and don’t get left standing out in the hall.

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