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VoIP Peering Visions

I'm dreaming of VoIP Peering. As I get set to turn in for the night, I get the sense that we may be hearing some big VoIP Peering news soon. For those of you who happen to stumble across my blog late this night, I wish you sweet dreams of VoIP and VoIP Peering.

This is Greg Galitzine saying good night.

Good night.

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Dear Greg,

First, it is not really a comment, rather a question...
I was surfing the net to find a reasonable study summarizing the logic behind
the business structure of various VoIP models - I am very keen to understand the
contractual relations between service providers: who pays whom, for instance
when it comes to termination to a PSTN from an IP-based network.

If you have such a study or a paper that can answer these questions (to a non-IT
expert), I would be very grateful if you could share it with me.

Thank you in advance,
Richard Bakos

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