VoIP To Supplant Enterprise TDM Within 5 Years

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Greg Galitzine

VoIP To Supplant Enterprise TDM Within 5 Years

Insight Research (www.insight-corp.com) released a new report today titled IP PBX and IP Centrex: Growth of VoIP in the Enterprise 2004-2009, in which the research firm states that VoIP phones in the enterprise will not represent the majority of installed PBX base until 2009. Even though shipments of the newer IP-based technology are expected to grow at a compounded rate of more than 20 percent between 2004 until 2009, and sales of the older TDM-based phone systems are expected to decline at roughly the same rate, the report claims that TDM technology will continue to dominate the installed base until the end of the decade.

According to the Insight study, the PBX business will ship about $4.3 billion worth of PBX equipment this year.

In essence this report highlights the inevitable transition to IP Telephony in the enterprise that began some years ago, but has taken off in earnest as of late. To hear that this relatively new technology such as VoIP will supplant 100 years of traditional telecom by 2009 is welcome news indeed!

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