Yo! Sushi Picks Swyx

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Yo! Sushi Picks Swyx

Sushi.jpgAt TMC our staff is exceptional. We are no different from most businesses however, when it comes to having what I will call "quirks."
There are those on our team who absolutely LOVE chain restaurants. We have Wendy's fanatics and fans of Rockbottom. We also have a whole contingent of people who simply can't live without sushi.

We write about lots of stuff here at TMC, but we have a certain affinity and history covering VoIP and contact centers .
Well I saw the news today about a chain sushi place called Yo! Sushi selecting a VoIP solution from Swyx, and establishing a call center for their take out service, and I felt I had to note this somehow.
The only thing missing in this release is if Lance Armstrong walked in to eat with James Hetfield; one of them wearing a Yankees cap and a Cowboys jersey and the other waving a terrible towel and wearing a Jose Reyes shirt.
Yo! Sushi ( http://www.yosushi.com ) one of the world's fastest growing restaurant chains chose Swyx to supply an IP telephony solution to replace its aging circuit switched incumbent. The company will upgrade its existing 35 restaurants with the new technology and has aggressive plans to roll-out a further 15 outlets within the next 12 months. The solution will be supplied and implemented by Swyx partner, GP Network Solutions ( http://www.gpnetworksolutions.co.uk
According to Yo! Sushi, IT Manager, Billy Waters, "There are a number of excellent IP based products on the market, however what we liked about the Swyx solution was that it is based on software licenses rather than hardware, therefore in an expanding operation such as ours rolling out new users would be very straightforward and could be handled centrally without third-party support."
According to today's announcement, Yo! Sushi took advantage of the new phone system to bring their home delivery service back in house. According to Waters the flexibility of the system allowed Yo! Sushi to integrate their inbound calls with their customer database and maps package, routing the calls using a non-geographical number to their call centre based in London. This reduced the costs of outsourcing and provided a better service to customers as the agents are all Yo! Sushi employees and therefore have an excellent understanding of the menu.

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