Volo Sweeps In With Offer To Level 3 Customers

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Volo Sweeps In With Offer To Level 3 Customers

Speed. A hallmark of a truly successful competitive company is the speed with which it can innovate and take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves.

Volo Communications, a carrier's carrier that offers wholesale broadband voice, advanced hosted application services, and a whole lot more, is stepping into the freshly created void formed by Level 3’s announcement this week that it is retreating from the hosted IP Telephony space.

Level 3 announced they were ceasing to offer their (3)Tone Business, its wholesale hosted-PBX service. Tom Keating mentions it in his blog here.

Volo is moving fast. Here’s a copy of the release I got from Volo this afternoon:

Volo Offers Level 3 Hosted PBX Customers Safe Landing

Volo to Provide Level 3 Customers Same Terms; Complete Service and Features
Plus One Month's Free Service

Orlando, Fla., Jan. 27, 2005: Volo Communications, a leading nationwide wholesale provider of advanced voice and data services, made a bold offering today to all service providers using Level 3's (3)Tone Hosted IP-PBX services who are being dropped by Level 3. Volo is offering to transition all Level 3 (3)Tone Business customers to its VoiceOne hosted IP voice service, offering them the same terms and conditions they had with Level 3, along with one month's free service. Level 3 recently announced it is eliminating its wholesale hosted IP-PBX service called (3)Tone Business, which is sold by approximately 100 phone companies and resellers who provide voice service over the Internet. Volo will enable these telephone companies and resellers to seamlessly transition their business customers to its next generation VoiceOne™ network, providing a high-quality VoIP service to their customers, with the most advanced features and services in the industry today.

"Volo's aggressive move today is another example of how they're stepping over the competition by giving ex-Level 3 customers an offer they can't refuse. It would be hard-pressed for any of these companies to find a better deal as good as this one. What we're seeing from Volo today only lends greater credence to their commitment to becoming the leader in the digital media services space," said Sean Badding, President and Senior Analyst of The Carmel Group.

Volo Communications, who owns its own technologies, advanced MPLS VoiceOne network, billing systems and provisioning has been in the voice and data solutions business for three years, providing wholesale broadband VoIP, hosted application services such as IP-Centrex and IP-PBX, and origination and termination services that enable carriers, CLECs, IXCs, cable operators, ISPs, and resellers to provide carrier-quality voice and data services to businesses and consumers.

Shawn Lewis, Volo Communications Founder and CEO who wrote the patents for the first softswitch and the first SS7 Media Gateway, said, "As a carrier's carrier, we offer world-class quality throughout all of our VoiceOne service offerings - from every aspect of our network, all the way to the devices at the end customer's location. Most importantly, unlike others in the industry, we own our technology, billing, provisioning support services - - so we can adapt to market trends and always offer best of breed solutions."

"Service providers that are using the Level 3 service have an immediate replacement solution with the VoiceOne network," Lewis added. "Not only can the service provider transition their customers rather immediately, but they will have a richer set of features as well as the ability to create their own features and services through our service creation environment. Customers also receive the follow support systems: XML-supported phone number support system, Web-based system for consumers, privately branded with their logo, Web-based phone number approval process, Web-based phone number assignment, Web-based customer data updates, phone number block requests, and support for both hardware and software clients.

Customers who want to sign on to Volo's VoiceOne broadband solution should call 407-389-3232, or visit www.volocommunications.com.

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