Wednesday Evening Keynote: Cisco's Brian Dal Bello

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Wednesday Evening Keynote: Cisco's Brian Dal Bello

Wednesday evening’s keynotes kicked off with a presentation from Brian Dal Bello, Director, Product Marketing IP Communication Business Unit Voice Technology Group, Cisco Systems.


Dal Bello spoke to the crowd about the impact of VoIP in a keynote entitled Business Communications: The Challenge.


The keynote began with a look at some of  the trends that are happening in the VoIP industry.


* 54 Million Skype downloads as of September 2005

* In Denmark, VoIP minutes are greater than landline voice minutes

* Six Million U.S. homes will move to VoIP in 2006 (USA Today)

* 1.1 Trillion SMS messages were sent resulting in $50B worth of revenue in 2004 (Informa)

* More e-mails are sent in Japan via mobile than via PC (DoCoMo).

* By 2006 there will be 200 million corporate IM users (IDC)


Dal Bello discussed some of the challenges inherent in business communications. Where am I? There are so many locations (office, home office, traveling…) There are so many devices… so many ways to communicate that it becomes difficult to even  know where to begin.


Dal Bello went on to say that there is very high complexity in communications today, but there is also a lot of information in the network that could facilitate communications if applied correctly.


The intensity too is increasing continued Dal Bello. There are so many messages, coming at us in so many different modes (IM, cell, e-mail…), and that large volume can only lead to inefficiency if all of these different communications were to be dealt with.


Dal Bello also discussed the velocity of communications, and pointed out the potential pitfalls if communications cannot keep up with the ever increasing speed of business.


Ineffective communications has a tangible impact on business, resulting in project delays and work slowdown. The impact of good communication is a rise in productivity and a shortened production cycle. Improved internal communication results in increased employee satisfaction and morale, and a concomitant increase in customer satisfaction.


The goal is seamless mobility allowing business users to easily move from one application to another, and maintain access to people and resources in real time. Through presence and increased mobility we need to rethink business communications.


“Think differently,” said Dal Bello in closing, “and turn complexity in business advantage.”

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