Will You Wait In Line For Your iPhone?

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Will You Wait In Line For Your iPhone?

The Apple stores nearest my house (Woodcliff Lake, NJ and West Nyack, NY) will be closing tomorrow from 2–6pm to “get ready.” The iPhone will make its debut at 6pm at those locations.
So far, no reports of would-be iPhoners lining up in front of the stores to get their hands on the first devices at these locations. However reports abound about lines in NY, SF, LA, Baltimore and other locations.
We’ll see how tomorrow goes.
Are you going to wait in line to get your iPhone?

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Feedback for Will You Wait In Line For Your iPhone?


Not if you paid me to do it!!! Sorry, but anyone that would wait in line for a $600 phone really has a self-esteem issue. Sorry being the first one on your block to have an iPhone does not make you cool. It only means you wasted hours (if not days) for an over hyped device...

If you want to know what cool is then watch my old movie Bullet, other than that nobody will care if you have a new Iphone first!

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