WiMAX Goings On

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WiMAX Goings On

Intel Corp. and Proxim Corp. have just announced they will collaborate to develop and deliver WiMAX solutions, including base station and subscriber unit access points designed to deliver fast wireless access for data, voice, and video.

“We as an industry are headed toward the ‘broadband wireless era,’ and WiMAX will play a key role in delivering on our vision,” said Scott Richardson, general manager of Intel’s Broadband Wireless Division. “The next wave is about portability, with people wanting access anywhere. Together, Intel and Proxim will enable people around the globe to use emerging services and content in their homes, businesses, and on the road.”

The companies have agreed to co-develop a reference design for WiMAX CPE equipment. Intel will provide the CPE architecture, including the key hardware and software components as a reference design for other WiMAX equipment makers. The reference design will help subscriber station designers bring products to market faster, assisting in the proliferation of WiMAX for both licensed and unlicensed networks.

Proxim will target traditional wireless carrier and enterprise customers looking to provide their users with cost-effective broadband wireless solutions. Proxim will include its core wireless software capabilities that enable subscriber roaming, increased subscriber support and dynamic bandwidth management.

Intel and Proxim will also work together to develop base stations based on the emerging 802.16e specification designed to enable broadband wireless portability.

“Proxim strongly believes in both the technological and market potential of WiMAX and particularly portable implementations of WiMAX,” said Kevin Duffy, chief operating officer at Proxim Corporation. “We are pleased that Intel has chosen to work with Proxim to address this most exciting prospect for WiMAX technology. We will work closely with Intel to bring industry-leading WiMAX solutions to market, and to drive market adoption both at the system and client level.”

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In other WiMAX-related news, Nokia has decided to rejoin the WiMAX Forum, an organization it helped found, then later quit, allowing its membership subscription to lapse.

Speaking to reporters assembled at Nokia’s Connections conference this week regarding the about-face, General Manager (Networks Group) Sari Baldauf told the crowd, “The decision was perhaps made too much on a practical basis rather than with regard to what the rest of the world is doing.”

Industry watchers maintain that Nokia had left the Forum in order to focus on its core handset business and its shrinking market share in that arena. The return to the WiMAX Forum is further validation of the important role WiMAX will play as a competitive broadband wireless access technology. Though products are not generally expected before late 2005 at the earliest, the 105-member Forum boasts an impressive roster of particpating companies, the likes of which include Alcatel, AT&T, British Telecom, Euskaltel, France Telecom, Fujitsu, Intel Corp., and many more.

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TMC is currently in the process of soliciting speaking abstracts for the upcoming WiMAXcon Conference, to be held in conjunction with the Internet Telephony Conference & EXPO, October 4-7, 2004 in Los Angeles. In fact we've extended the deadline by a week. If you are interested in speaking, please follow this link to the WiMAXcon Call for Papers. Abstracts are now due Friday June 25.

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Unicoi Systems™ Announces Availability of
VoIP Reference Designs

February 1, 2005 –Atlanta-based Unicoi Systems, Inc., today announced the availability of its VoIP Reference Designs.

“VoIP Terminal Adapter (TA) market demands a silky-smooth integration of both gateway/router functionality and full-featured SIP telephony. Unicoi provides the lowest cost Bill-of-Materials (BOM) solution in conjunction with Quality of Service (QOS) for voice calls -- along with high networking data throughput from the gateway/router module.

“The challenge for many developers is time-to-market and product differentiation. With VoIP reference designs we are able to help developers focus on their product features while still meeting their demanding time-to-market schedules.” Greg Coonley, President of Unicoi Systems, Inc. said.

Unicoi’s VoIP designs can be provided at a lower cost than most other options through the use of Unicoi’s existing Fusion product line -- the 20-year-old “gold standard” foundation for a diverse array of embedded networking devices (i.e. network routers, networked printers, set-top boxes, monitoring devices and industrial controls).

“The Fusion product suite is a natural fit for any VoIP solution. The addition of the Fusion SIP software suite put Unicoi in a unique position to provide a complete hardware/software reference platform for VoIP developers at a very low BOM,” said Coonley.

The VoIP Reference Designs target the Freescale (formerly Motorola Semiconductor) 56800E DSP and the MPC870/5 PowerPC – two of the most popular platforms for a wide array of embedded devices.

About Unicoi Systems, Inc.
Unicoi Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of software solutions for the embedded device market. Unicoi’s Fusion product line offers everything embedded developers need for building diverse intelligent devices. The fusion line includes Fusion Net (TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, DNS, SNMP, PPP, RIP, NAT, DHCP, OSPF, SIP, etc.), Fusion RTOS (Real Time Operating System) optimized for high-performance DSPs and media-centric microprocessors, Fusion Web (MicroBrowser, XML, embedded Web Server, etc), Fusion Secure (IPsec, IKE, SSL, HTTPS) and the Fusion Flash File System.

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