WSJ Rumor: Sprint to T-Mobile?

May 5, 2008
A report in The Wall St. Journal has Sprint Nextel Corp. as a takeover candidate, with Germany’s T-Mobile a prime candidate to pull off the deal.
If the deal were to go through, it would make T-Mobile the largest U.S. cellular carrier, vaulting it past AT&T and Verizon Wireless to the number one spot.
While it does make for interesting speculation, let’s not get worked up over it yet. Rumors such as these are what fuels Wall Street, and The Journal said deliberations were at "a preliminary stage and management may very well turn away," and cited sources as saying the arrangement, "could still be weeks, or even months away."
The rumored deal does make sense on several levels, and with the Euro so strong against the dollar, it might simply amount to be too good a deal for Germany’s T-Mobile to pass up on the opportunity to purchase Sprint Nextel’s spectrum and 50 million+ customers.
As they say, watch this space…

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