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January 2006

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IP Telephony Trends

January 31, 2006

I got a hold of this trends piece and thought it worth passing on. I like it. It is kind of a mix between article and advertorial but is still educational:


SOS Spots Hot Trends in IP Telephony for 2006

By Gia McNutt, chief executive officer, SOS

Don't you wish you had a crystal ball to foresee the path of IP Telephony in 2006? You're in luck.

VoIP in 89 Countries

January 31, 2006

VoIP is indeed becoming more international by the day. In fact at the recent ITEXPO show in Ft. Lauderdale, 89 countries were represented. Thank you all for attending Internet Telephony Conference & Expo and making the event the one place you come to make purchasing decisions. Thanks to all the people that came to the event from the following countries:

1 Albania
2 Angola
3 Argentina
4 Australia
5 Austria
6 Bahamas
7 Bahrain
8 Bangladesh
9 Barbados
10 Belgium
11 Bermuda
12 Bolivia
13 Brazil
14 Burkina-Faso
15 Cameroon
16 Canada
17 Chile
18 China Peoples Rep
19 Colombia
20 Costa Rica
21 Cyprus
22 Dominica
23 Dominican Republic
24 Ecuador
25 Egypt (Arab Rep of)
26 El Salvador
27 Estonia
28 Finland
29 France
30 Germany
31 Ghana
32 Guadeloupe
33 Guatemala
34 Guyana
35 Haiti
36 Honduras
37 Hong Kong
38 Iceland
39 India
40 Indonesia
41 Iran
42 Ireland Republic of
43 Israel
44 Italy
45 Ivory
46 Jamaica
47 Japan
48 Kenya
49 Korea South-Rep. of
50 Kuwait
51 Lebanon
52 Libya
53 Mexico
54 Mongolia
55 Morocco
56 Myanmar (Burma)
57 Netherlands
58 New Zealand
59 Nicaragua
60 Niger
61 Nigeria
62 Norway
63 Pakistan
64 Panama
65 Peru
66 Philippines
67 Portugal
68 Puerto Rico
69 Romania
70 Russian Federation
71 Singapore
72 Slovenia
73 South Africa
74 Spain
75 Sri Lanka
76 St Kitts-Nevis
77 St Lucia
78 Sweden
79 Switzerland
80 Taiwan (China Rep of)
81 Thailand
82 Trinidad & Tobago
83 United Arab Emirates
84 United Kingdom
85 USA
86 Venezuela
87 Vietnam
88 Yemen Arab Republic
89 Yugoslavia

Mashup Idea

January 31, 2006

James Seng on RIM

January 30, 2006

West Buys Intrado

January 30, 2006

TMC's Customer Interaction Solutions (CIS) Magazine has been ranking the teleservices outsourcers for more than two decades bestowing the coveted Top 50 award to these companies. Another of our business units is the Internet Telephony brand. Sometimes these two brands cross over. This happens in the case of IP contact centers or hosted contact center solutions or call centers dedicated to telecommunications carriers.

Now we have yet another example as West Corporation a world leader in teleservices outsourcing has purchased Intrado a world leader in 911 solutions.

Just in Time Marketing

January 30, 2006

I spend at leas 30% of my time traveling. Quite often I receive e-mails from travel companies while on the road. I am on the mailing list for many hotels and airlines. What I find interesting is that while staying at hotel brand X, I receive e-mail from the same hotel brand telling me about specials in other hotels the company owns.

The one missing ingredient in my opinion is a thank you.

Toll Booth Advertising

January 29, 2006

While driving in Florida I noticed a number of toll booths with ads from Geico. I have nothing against the company. As Warren Buffet is a fan of TMCnet, I naturally am a fan of Geico.

My thoughts don't really pertain to Geico anyway but I got to thinking about how the public sector competes with the private sector. I suppose advertising on toll booths is a great way to get to the same audience you would reach with billboards.

TMCnet Breaks 1,000!

January 29, 2006

I was surprised beyond belief when a coworker sent me our latest Alexa ranking. I honestly must say I am blown away. Not only did TMC put on an event that most every exhibitor told me was one of the best expos they have ever exhibited at (yes, ever!) But now I see TMCnet's record-setting one-day ranking.

Are you ready for this?? 946!!

What is happening in VoIP

January 27, 2006

If there is a single trend I have observed this week it is that VoIP is really happening. I spent a good deal of time interviewing companies exhibiting at the Internet Telephony show and they told me that the buyers at this show are more serious than ever. Many companies are selling product on the show floor.

I am further blown away by the international nature of VoIP. This week I have seen more and more service providers and enterprises coming from Africa, Asia, Latin America and everywhere else.

At the networking receptions the most frequent discussions I heard were about SIP, IMS, SOA and VoIP security.

Gordon Payne Speaks

January 26, 2006

Tom Ridge Speaking

January 26, 2006

SIP Magazine is Here

January 25, 2006

Meeting Ron Insana

January 25, 2006

I am really looking forward to meeting Ron Insana today. I have been an avid CNBC fan for years – perhaps a decade or so. I can’t wait to hear what Insana has to say. I have noticed that many of the big-name keynoters at ITEXPO are really loose on stage and seem much less scripted than on TV.

Asterisk's Mark Spencer Speaks

January 24, 2006

The keynotes at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo keynotes kicked off today, the first day of this four-day event, with Mark Spencer of Digium/Asterisk to a huge audience.
 Mark started his talk by saying that his company runs VoIP on a network that is as he calls it "the the worst case scenario" and doing so allows them to find out if products are broken before others find problems. As developers they are thrilled to run on a network not designed for perfect voice delivery but not everyone in the company is as excited by this strategy (for obvious reasons).

Spencer says he also has to be sensitive to customer calls as people associate telephone quality with the products you make. Mark mentioned that his phone system was recently inundated by callers looking for a very funny message (Mark indicated the sound clip is available on CD and did not explain how you could hear it if you missed the conference). The message is a funny take off on a busy call center.

No More Blackberry?

January 23, 2006

Just Saw SIP Magazine

January 23, 2006

Bush to Nominate Robert McDowell to FCC

January 23, 2006

President George W. Bush is expected to nominate telecommunications lawyer Robert McDowell to fill the third Republican seat on the five-member Federal Communications Commission according to a story from Reuters. This news is crucial to the future of telecommunications because McDowell serves as senior vice president and assistant general counsel at Comptel, a group representing companies that primarily compete against big telephone carriers like AT&T Inc. and Verizon Communications.

It may not be common knowledge that AT&T was a powerful lobbying force against the incumbent telephone companies and the acquisition of the company by SBC has reduced the competitive lobbying burden on all LECs proportionately.

It goes without saying that if McDowell is nominated it will be a big win for consumers in 2006 as I expect McDowell to be pro competition. Not faux competition with concepts like tiered-Internet services being thrown around in an effort by incumbent providers to hold content providers and consumers hostage.

In the worst case scenario McDowell will be outvoted repeatedly but at least will ensure the American people have a strong ally in the FCC. Comptel has been perhaps the most vocal critic of FCC Chairmen Michael Powell and Kevin Martin and as such it may be a bit awkward to have McDowell as a commissioner at all.

Still, I hope the commissioners and the Bush administration realize that putting a pro competition pro CLEC representative on the commission is exactly what we need to ensure we have balanced dialogues in the FCC and the interests of the average Joe are always represented.

Interesting Reading

January 23, 2006

I am flying down to Ft. Laderdale for ITEXPO now and read some things worth sharing. Currently I am reading the Janary 2006 issue of Poplar Science magazine.

We will see the first 4G networks in 2010 and they will transmit at 1 Gbps. One wonders how much such a connection will cost.

The Gennum nXZEN bluetooth headset has great noise canceling techology but is expensive and uncomfortable.

Suggestion Engines

January 23, 2006

It would seem that software that uses the tastes of large number of people to help suggest products based on your past experiences can significantly increase sales. If the technology is not implemented correctly or nut not implemented at all, it can potentially create problems.

Just ask Wal-Mart who suggested "Planet of the Apes" and "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" as movies whenever customers ordered Martin Luther King, "I have a Dream." (article).

Back in 2000 a company called NetPerceptions was doing a great deal of innovative things in this market. They had a suggestion engine that seemed very useful. I wrote about them at least once.

Internet Telephony Countries

January 23, 2006

Million Dollar Weight Loss

January 22, 2006

If you have any doubt what the value of buying the last 1,00 pixels on Alex Tew’s Million Dollar Home Page was take a look at the Alexa graph below. The winning bidder has a website that has skyrocketed on Alexa from obscurity to a one-week average of 7,642.

The site ascended so quickly in fact that there is no 3-month average. This would seem like a smart purchase for the company. In terms of unique visitors, I estimate that at this Alexa ranking and 1 page view per visitor the company is likely attracting 500,000+ unique visitors per month.

Traffic Rank for  (what's this)


January 22, 2006

There was a great article in BusinessWeek a while back titled Call Centers in the Rec Room focusing on how companies are beginning to recognize the problems associated with outsourcing to countries that have agents witch accents. Apparently companies are beginning to realize the cost of losing customers and acquiring new ones.

There was another equally good article on TMCnet titled A Victory for the Home Agent Business Model that focuses on Willow CSN and their contribution to the industry. Having known Willow for about a decade or so I can say without hesitation that this company had the vision to espouse home agents before the industry was an industry. Hats off to Willow CSN for being ahead of their time and more importantly lasting long enough to reap the rewards of being first.

More on SIP

January 22, 2006

The SIP market is growing so quickly it is exciting that it defies growth projections. I wrote about SIP just today and how the standard is now so closely intertwined with VoIP, it is tough to see where one technology stops and the other picks up. Incidentally the first issue of SIP Magazine is printed. I haven’t seen it but will get my hands on a copy tomorrow.

The SIP Standard

January 22, 2006

It is also great see that a single standard like SIP has emerged as something we can all rally around. What may have really slowed industry growth in years past was a plethora of standards that sewed more confusion in the market than necessary. When you have so much confusion in a market you slow purchasing and the industry can't get off the ground effectively. I think we don’t have that problem anymore and now the challenge for the industry is to ensure we don’t have to fear a two-tiered Internet that chokes our access to consumers.

SIP turned out to be not only a standard that was logical for the market to adopt but it also benefited from being the standard that was becoming most popular on September 11th.

ITEXPO Can't Miss Events

January 21, 2006

The worst thing you can do at an industry event is miss one of the most important things that are happening. At Internet Telephony Conference & Expo next week for example there is just so much happening that you will be hard-pressed to find something you shouldn't attend. There are just so many unique educational events that you should make sure to get plenty of rest every night.

Here are some of the things I suggest you do while at the show. First and foremost, come by and say hello to me at a reception.

One Little, Two Little, Three Little Internets

January 21, 2006

Here is the unedited Publisher's Outlook from the February 2006 issue of Internet Telephony Magazine:

We live in a country that prides itself on being on the forefront of technology yet we are behind in many ways. Interestingly we seem to constantly lag when it comes to communications infrastructure. While we brag that our country invented the Internet and probably 90% of the world population realizes how important the Internet is in business and our personal lives, no one in the United States is stepping up to the plate to ensure we will have the best Internet possible in this country.

First a word on cell phones. The US along with a small handful of other countries have standardized on various wireless network technologies.


January 21, 2006

This past week was pretty busy with communications news and announcements. For example, AT&T made a number of headlines by providing large-scale videoconferencing in China among other accomplishments. The communications giant seems to be on fire now that SBC and the old AT&T have become the new and much larger AT&T. AT&T's international growth potential is one of the reasons in my opinion the company decided to stick with the internationally recognized AT&T brand instead of SBC.

I am still a bit mystified at the company's branding campaign.

TMCnet in Top 1,000 Sites in World!

January 21, 2006

I had decided not to say anything about TMCnet's Alexa ranking until we hit triple-digits. We set a few new records since our 1,151 daily record back on January 5 of this year but I wanted to keep quiet until we hit 999 or better.

Well to my amazement someone sent me our new daily number today and boy was I thrilled. We have hit 1,000! This number is not unexpected as our servers are under full load and we are continually buying new equipment to keep up with the massive demand.

VoIP Demo

January 20, 2006


Stay tuned to TMCnet for announcements on a new event in the IP telephony space, VoIP Demo. I wanted to share the news with you, my valued readers first. We are working out the details as you read this but rest assured it will be a high quality event and focus on demonstrations of the best IP communications products and services in the world. Expect VCs service providers, enterprises and analysts to be in attendance for this first ever event.

ITEXPO Latest Update

January 20, 2006

The largest gathering of attendees for any VoIP show in the world will take place next week in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Our attendance numbers are absolutely incredible and the list of registrants keep growing.

Here is some information on the event that is important for all attendees to know. I can’t wait to see you in sunny Florida next week. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses!


INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO kicks off in Ft. Lauderdale in five days.

IMPORTANT Conference Updates:

1. TMC University Open Source/Asterisk Certification Course Added
Thursday, January 26th

Your paid conference pass includes admission to these new sessions added to the program.

VoIPOD Where Are You?

January 20, 2006

New Internets

January 20, 2006

Many countries are looking for alternatives to a world where they are forced to use technology that is controlled in some way by the US government. A while back, Europeans decided to begin the launch of a multi-billion dollar GPS competitor into orbit called Galileo.

Now, other countries are looking to compete with America’s ever-growing Internet dominance. For example, China, the Arab League and a Dutch company have all started to build their own mini-internets that are not necessarily available to those on the real or should I say “first” Internet.

These newer internets will differ from the one we use today because it will use suffixes different from the 264 that are approved by Icann which stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. You know these suffixes as .com, .org, .jp, etc.

VoIP and Making Money

January 19, 2006

Here is the latest article on making money in VoIP and how to partner/resell the products and services needed to make you wealthy in the IP communications business. John McDonald will be on my panel next week at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo that focuses on Making Money Selling VoIP. The target for this session is resellers looking for companies who have products and services worth reselling. I sincerely hope to see you there.


When Everyone Wants to Be Your 'Partner' … Be Careful Who You Walk Down the Aisle With (Part 2).

By John McDonald, Kayote Networks

[The second in a series of articles.

Marc Benioff Strikes Back

January 19, 2006

I love Marc Benioff’s messages to the industry. He never fails to blast his competition who in this case is virtually the entire software industry. Take a look at this paragraph for example:

Meanwhile, leaders of legacy platforms are undeterred in their belief that the answer for software that didn’t deliver on its promise is yet more software. We understand that this evening Oracle will announce its Fusion stack of large application after application.


January 19, 2006

It seems like the explosion in companies selling hosted services has had an amazing impact on Broadsoft the leader in supplying service providers with hosted platforms. I have heard good things from Broadsoft’s customers and I have seen the company do better and better as of late.

The company put out a release today touting its accomplishments as of late. They are now delivering services for 6 of the top 10 and 11 of the top 25 global carriers (based on revenue). They are also delivering the first IMS-compliant application software to market through partners such as Ericsson, Lucent and Italtel.

The company furthered doubled revenues for the year.

Asterisk Certification

January 18, 2006

Be sure to check out the Asterisk certification at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo next week. We are very proud to be expanding TMC University’s certifications into a new area. If you are interested in getting certification in open-source VoIP be sure to come to ITEXPO next week and partake in the learning and certifying!


Open Source/Asterisk Certification Program Added to INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO Program

Norwalk, CT, [January 18, 2006] - Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) today announced that a special TMC University™ certification course covering Open Source and Asterisk, the open source PBX will be offered to attendees at next week’s INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO East 2006 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

The conference will be held January 24-27, 2006 at the Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. TMC University Open Source/Asterisk Certification will take place on Thursday, January 26, 2006.

Attendees of TMC University’s Open Source/Asterisk Certification courses who successfully pass a comprehensive exam will receive certification from TMC University that they have completed the course and understand open source technologies.

According to TMC president and INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference Chairman, Rich Tehrani, open source technologies are revolutionizing PBX technology, replacing costly hardware with new, customizable software options.

“Open source is one of the fastest growing segments of VoIP.

64 Bit Computing

January 18, 2006

Here is a great article from Microsoft that points out the benefits of 64 bit computing and how aside from the potential need to recompile, there are few problems with running 32-bit applications on 64-bit computers. The OS, Windows Server 2003 x64 is what makes this possible.

Here is a graph and and excerpt of the article:

There are two things of interest to note in the CPU utilization graphs. First, the average processor utilization of the x64 server is only about half that of the x86 server (34 percent versus 64 percent). Second, on the x86 server there are noticeable spikes where the CPU was running at 100 percent capacity for a sustained period of time.

Silver Peak

January 18, 2006

I received this whitepaper from Silver Peak. I haven’t heard of the company previously and I thought this was an interesting paper and worth posting. I think VoIP quality is a hidden problem the industry needs to do a better job of addressing. This paper is a bit commercial but still worth a read:


Many of you are aware of "server sprawl" - the proliferation of servers and storage in branch and remote offices.

ITEXPO Don't Miss Luncheon

January 18, 2006

Vonexus, an Interactive Intelligence are hosting a "New Rules of Business Communications" luncheon at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo next week.

This luncheon includes a keynote from Interactive Intelligence founder, president, and CEO, Dr. Donald E. Brown, who will provide an educational and entertaining look at the latest in best practices for deploying business communications systems, including IP telephony solutions for the enterprise and contact center. I understand this event will be very exciting and not a standard industry function. I have heard rumors about what the company is planning and it sounds like you don't want to miss it.

The luncheon will take place Wednesday, Jan. 25, 12noon - 1 p.m. There is no advance registration and attendance is limited so please arrive early.

Google as Ad Agency

January 18, 2006

You know I think it is time to call a spade a spade. Google doesn’t want to be called an agency and past interviews with company execs categorically deny the company is an agency or has any intention to become an agency. I have read that Google treasures ad agencies and considers them important partners in their mutual success.

This is all true. Many agencies do in fact place ads on Google and sites displaying Google ads.

PC World Mention

January 17, 2006

Skype as Lifestyle

January 17, 2006

Andy has some great comments on how Skype should be putting kiosks in stores and eventually having their own stores. This makes a great deal of sense for the company. Amazingly I have heard Skype mentioned on the radio twice in one day. These weren’t technology stations on satellite radio mind you.

VoIP Expo Marketing

January 16, 2006

I had a discussion with my marketing department today. They are about to let the world know that there are still unbelievable deals on airlines and hotels to go to Florida for the Internet Telephony Show next week in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We often have internal discussions about VoIP conferences. So many of them lead with price.

The Courier

January 16, 2006

The television networks are really taking a beating due to the advent of TiVo and other DVR companies. In addition they face increasing competition from video games and the web. They are fighting back in a few ways such as selling episodes on the web. A relatively newer way is to launch TV shows that run during commercial messages.


January 15, 2006

Recently someone told me that Alexa was spyware. I asked them why they said this and they responded that this is what they heard from a friend. I directed them to the Alexa toolbar and they got a better idea how the service works. They said, oh, this is just like the Google Toolbar.

Alexa seems to be the best way to find out how much traffic a site gets without having to pay for the data.

Iraqi Telecom

January 15, 2006

Covad WiMAX

January 15, 2006

Andy had a chance to read my Covad interview with Jeff Ahlquist and commented that their was no WiMAX mention.

I reached out to Andy on the matter to ask him what he knows about Covad and WiMAX. This is what he said:

Covad already has Voice and DSL. WiMAX means they deliver the latter without the need for the telco.

Recently they bought a pre-WiMAX company and have already deployed trial service in Las Vegas. It's working beyond everyone's expectations are the reports I'm getting.

Many people feel the LECs will buy all the WiMAX licenses in the US so that they can prevent any real competition.

VoIP's Spirit of 2006

January 15, 2006

The following interview will soon appear as an Executive Suite on

I got a chance to speak with Andrew Sviridenko of Spirit DSP recently. If you aren't familiar with the company, you should know you may be using their products in a host of electronics you use every day and not even know it. That's because Spirit's products and technology are embedded in the products of others. Their products range from vocoders (think Mr. Roboto from Styx) to noise canceling software to speech technologies.


January 15, 2006

I recently had a chance to interview Jeff Ahlquist who serves as Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy at Covad. As you no doubt know the company has become a big player in VoIP and has done a good job branding itself these past years. I wanted to delve into the company more and learn how they are doing. I was wondering how the VoIP market is treating them.

Here is my very candid interview:

What is biggest barrier to your success?

Jeff thinks the biggest barrier is market education and the validation of VoIP as a technology ready for prime time.


January 14, 2006

Here is an upcoming interview with the CEO of Sonus Networks. It hasn't been through editorial yet but I wanted to give my blog readers a sneak peak of our discussion. I am not sure where the Executive Suite will run -- certainly online, but perhaps IMS Magazine as well.


I recently had a chance to interview Hassan Ahmed the CEO of Sonus Networks and it was a real pleasure. The company has been a true pioneer in VoIP -- they were around from the beginning.

Of VoIP, Macs and Intel

January 14, 2006

VoIP belongs in a bar. Or that is what many market researchers will have you believe. Their research shows as many people think VoIP is a type of Vodka as it is a type of telephony. In case you are one of these people VoIP stands for Voice over IP.

Checking on the Validity of the MillionDollarHomePage Post

January 13, 2006

At 2:30 am this morning both daughters woke up. Nicole was hungry – she is 7 months so I was feeding her while my wife was taking care of our older daughter. So while I am feeding Nicole I get to thinking about my blog post from last night. I was sent a press release about the winner of the milliondollarhomepage auction and I wrote about it.

But at 2:00 am you have a different perspective and I got to thinking what If the release was not accurate? buys the last 1000 PIXELS on MillionDollarHomePage

January 12, 2006

I got this release today about the last thousand pixels on the milliondollarhomepage being purchased. Amazingly I wrote about the wild fluctuations on the downside as a part of this auction. Now the auction which I witnessed with my own eyes as high as $152,100.00 dropped to $38,100 to a weight loss site.

I think a weight loss like this site is a great candidate to purchase these last few pixels as weight loss is a big business.

Perhaps the only surprise is that Vonage didn’t buy the pixels or even AT&T. Think about the publicity value of being written about so frequently as the winner of this auction.

How about a tie-in like this: Save millions with VoIP, see our ad on milliondollarhomepage.

VoIP Peering 2.0 is Video Peering 1.0

January 12, 2006

Hunter Newby has done a great job on his VoIP peering column in Internet Telephony Magazine. The article is so good I want to make sure you take a look at some of it. Be sure to keep reading Internet Telephony Magazine to ensure you read this and other great columns from Hunter, Greg Galitzine and others:

It is quickly becoming widely understood that voice as VoIP is just another application like email. It's a no-brainer, yesterday's news, right?

VoIP 2.0 Conference Goes Web 2.0

January 12, 2006

Internet Telephony Conference & Expo Mashup Announced

Today, Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) the company that produces Internet Telephony Conference & Expo (ITEXPO) announced it has produced a mashup of its domestic attendees signed up for the conference in order to graphically represent where the major interest areas lie in the Voice over IP market. A mashup is a website or application integrating data from various sources into a seamless browsing experience.

Mashups are often databases merged with Google Maps and in this case Google Maps was used as the interface to show where ITEXPO attendees reside or work. In order for the mashup to function the database of attendees to ITEXPO as of December 1, 2005 was run through a service that converted zip codes to longitude and latitude information. This file was subsequently fed into Google Maps to show a graphical representation of where attendees to ITEXPO are located.

Internet Telephony Conference & Expo routinely attracts attendees from over 70 countries as well making it the best-attended international VoIP event.

Google Talk For Windows 98

January 12, 2006

Last Song Flight

January 11, 2006

Nextone Blog

January 11, 2006

Check it out, NexTone has a blog. Why is this important? It just shows the trend towards everyone having a blog. In a world where technology changes so rapidly, tech companies really all need a blog.

VoIP Adrenalin

January 11, 2006

I have been working here at the Ft. Lauderdale airport for over an hour and am impressed with the large amount of seating space, the abundance of electrical outlets and the fast and free WiFi. The WiFi here has been much faster than the hotel WiFi (to be fair the hotel access was free too).

This airport may be one of the most business-friendly airports around. This is much better than an experience I had in Tampa years before WiFi was invented. I couldn't find a phone with a modem plug. Florida has come a long way.

I met a lot of people today at the conference & Elsewhere who told me they can't wait for ITEXPO and I can't believe we are only a few short weeks away.

VoIP Silos

January 11, 2006

Today Erik Lagerway referenced the VoIP Silos article that Om Malik wrote a while back. I agree 100% as well. Perhaps VoIP peering will allow carriers to interconnect more easily. But just as importantly we need to keep in mind it is in the best interest of companies with large market share to keep their users siloed.

Is it fair for the newer players to have the advantage of coming into the game and adding little yet gaining a great deal?

Microsoft Windows, Outlook, and Exchange Vulnerabilities

January 11, 2006

I thought I would pass this security alert on. Seems like a lot of security problems this past few weeks. I am looking forward to more secure operating systems/software in the future.


                     National Cyber Alert System

                 Technical Cyber Security Alert TA06-010A

Microsoft Windows, Outlook, and Exchange Vulnerabilities

   Original release date: January 10, 2006
   Last revised: January 10, 2006
   Source: US-CERT

Systems Affected

     * Microsoft Windows
     * Microsoft Outlook
     * Microsoft Exchange

   For more complete information, refer to the Microsoft Security
   Bulletin Summary for January 2006.


   Microsoft has released updates that address critical vulnerabilities
   in Windows, Outlook, and Exchange. Exploitation of these
   vulnerabilities could allow a remote, unauthenticated attacker to
   execute arbitrary code or cause a denial of service on a vulnerable

I. Description

   Microsoft Security Bulletins for January 2006 address vulnerabilities
   in Microsoft Windows, Outlook, and Exchange.

Enjoying Florida

January 11, 2006

I wish I could stay and enjoy Florida a bit more but I am speaking and then out of here later today. I find I can be more productive in a hotel room than I am in my office. The reason of course is lack on interruptions. I also find that if you get up early enough the broadband access in the hotel can be quite speedy.

I picked a great day to come down and speak as the humidity is very low and the temperatures are pretty mild.

The Power of EVDO

January 10, 2006

Traveling to Tech Data Conference

January 10, 2006

I am here on my flight to Florida to speak at the Tech Data reseller conference and the plane is surprisingly empty. Of course you are reading this after I have landed. One would imagine there would be less free seats to Florida in January. As luck would have it I am positioned just below a TV so I have to strain my neck to see it.


January 10, 2006

Here is an informational e-mail we are about to send out. I think it is blogworthy because so many people have been e-mailing me with questions answered by this e-mail. The energy level in the VoIP space is incredible and I can’t wait to host this show in sunny Florida. Interestingly it isn’t as cold as it normally is in the northeast at the moment which means you probably can still get good prices on plane tickets to attend the show.

One would imagine that in two weeks it will become much colder in the midwest and on the east coast and you could conceivably be enjoying the sun in Florida on your way to ITEXPO while simultaneously escaping the frigid temperatures that are bound to hit us sooner or later.

INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO East 2006 January 24-27, 2006 - Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center

Build Your Business at INTERNET TELEPHONY

First VoIP Conference of 2006 Begins in Two Weeks!

The most compelling reason to attend INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO this month (yes, we open the show in 14 days!) in sunny Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is to see how to use VoIP to improve your business.

Tech Data and Mitel

January 10, 2006

I have had a few people mention the Mitel and Tech Data news recently. Since I am speaking at the Tech Data conference tomorrow, people want to make sure I am up to date on all happenings at the Florida based distributor.

In short Tech Data is now carrying Mitel gear.

Here is a salient quote:

“This agreement signals Mitel's commitment to expanding its presence in the IT market place and channel,” said Kevin Johnson, Director, Channel Marketing at Mitel. “Tech Data’s Telephony SBU will help us provide a greater number of reseller partners with the broad range of solutions they need to address the IP convergence of voice, data and applications nationally.”

I saw the news yesterday but just didn’t have time to blog it myself. Thankfully Dan York does a great job of covering the news.

Speaking Today in Florida

January 10, 2006

Make Money in VoIP

January 10, 2006

How to make money in VoIP is perhaps the most often asked question in the business. The market is exploding with growth but not everyone knows how to generate an income from such a fast growing market. What are the tips and tricks you need to know to ensure you come out on top of the VoIP revolution?

Lately I have been thinking about all the varied ways companies and people are finding to make a living by selling VoIP products and services. Some people for example have done an amazing job as affiliates meaning they get a piece of every sale they direct to a company.

The Real Hacker Damage

January 9, 2006

Like any good computer Samaritan I do all I can to avoid having my computer taken over and used in denial of service attack or to send volumes of spam messages on behalf of those malicious people who benefit from both of these activities.

I think I am well protected. My corporate virus scanner catches e-mail threats such as executable files sent via e-mail that could cause damage if clicked on. I have an anti-spyware program that updates regularly and scans constantly. I occasionally run anti-adware programs to stop malicious programs from monitoring websites I visit and possibly steal passwords I type in.

I also subscribe to the Microsoft Windows Update program and every night my computer checks for updates and installs them automatically.

In addition I scan through volumes of e-mail, the majority of which is spam and malicious content designed to steal passwords and/or my identity.

If all this wasn't enough of a productivity drain, I have noticed a new and more annoying problem that is zapping corporate productivity.

Trumping Alex

January 9, 2006

TMCnet Testimonial from Warren Buffet

January 6, 2006

I sent this e-mail to the TMC team today and thought we have so many more people coming to TMCnet now that many of my newer readers may not be familiar with this news. We are obviously very proud to receive such a letter and once again thanks to all of you for helping to make TMCnet so successful.



I just want to make sure you are all aware that Warren Buffet sent Tracey Schelmetic a complimentary e-mail about her tmcnet article a while back.

We have added so many new people in the last months, I am not sure everyone knows about it.


In case you aren’t aware, Mr. Buffet is one of the most well-known investors in the world and founded the Berkshire Hathaway fund that owns companies like Geico.

Google Buys Monster?

January 6, 2006


January 6, 2006

I have heard some great responses to the Flextronics interview posted on my blog and scheduled to appear in the premiere issue of SIP Magazine. I have just looked at some of the articles that will appear in the first issue and am very impressed at what my editorial team has put together. Remember to get your own free subscription soon so you don’t miss an issue or visiting SIP Magazine online.

Here is an interview with Aculab’s founder and CEO Alan Pound:


Rich: Where is the SIP market headed?

Alan: The SIP market is undoubtedly headed for a bright future, having gone well beyond a ‘heralding of the dawn’ phase. The broad industry commentary on protocols for use in next-generation networks is focused almost exclusively on SIP.

Skype For Mac

January 6, 2006

I noticed Tom Keating’s blog today saying that the new version of Skype for the Mac has been releases. The official release is And no, I am not sure why the new release number looks more like an IP address than a version number. Here are some of the new features in this new release:
  • Pause iTunes automatically when you get a call
  • Express yourself with mood messages
  • Forward calls to other Skype accounts or regular phones
  • Simply drag and drop contacts to add them to chats and calls
  • Support for enhanced notifications with Growl
  • Auto-pause/auto-resume iTunes for in-bound and out-bound voice calls
  • Fast call set-up — drag and drop contacts to add them to chats and calls.

Broadband in Space

January 5, 2006

NASA has just recently announced that they have communicated bidirectionally from a an earthbound space station with a spacecraft using a laser. More amazingly the laser communication was 25 million miles away! As opposed to radio waves, lasers can pack a lot more data into a signal and subsequently allow much more data to be transmitted.

If you think Skype has latency now, wait till your grandkids are using it on one of Jupiter’s moons!

A major challenge with laser communications in space is keeping transmitter and receiver locked onto each other. This is like trying to aim the beam of a very strong laser pointer, akin to the type used in a conference room, at a target millions of miles away.

Radio waves radiate outwards from a transmitter in spherical ripples rather than pencil-thin beams like lasers.

Milliondollarhomepage Auction Takes Off

January 5, 2006

I am not sure if my eyes are deceiving me but it seems the bid price for the last 1,000 pixels of the Milliondollarhomepage are now at about $700,000! That is not a typo mind you. The actual number is $699,100.00. Is it possible that the last 1,000 pixels will generate more revenue than the rest of the site?

SER Update

January 5, 2006

Alexa Record: 1,151

January 5, 2006

I just sent this e-mail to my fellow TMC team members and just had to share it with everyone as I am so happy with the news:


From: Rich Tehrani
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2006 3:14 PM
To: All TMC Team Members;
Subject: New Alexa Record for one day, 1,151

Congratulations team!

Traffic Rank for (what's this)


1 wk. Avg.

3 mos.

Google Video and Pack

January 5, 2006

Google Video

With all the talk of Google taking on Microsoft, what may be overlooked is a slew of other companies who will lose large amounts of share to the company best known for sifting through the world’s information and categorizing it. For example the Wall Street Journal reported the company will allow users of its video search service to also download videos for a fee.

So while the media is transfixed on the looming fight between Google and Microsoft, the search leader turned left and took on Apple. Perhaps the media should be focusing more on the reality of the situation which is obviously Google vs. virtually everyone else.

This sentiment was echoed by Bill Gates as CNBC reported this morning that Gates thinks IBM is a much bigger competitor to Microsoft than Google.

Tech Data

January 4, 2006


I will speaking at this Tech Data conference next week (I will just find any excuse to go to Florida in the winter :-)

The reseller opportunity in VoIP is huge and this is an area we focus on extensively at ITEXPO as well. If you can’t wait for the Internet Telephony show be sure to come hear me speak next week on how you can make money in the VoIP market and where the future of VoIP lies.

Interested resellers can contact Robert Pell at 800-237-8931 ext. 79284 or to receive an invitation.

Telephony Solutions Workshop

...for you and your customer!

Wednesday January 11, 2006
8:00am - 4:00pm

Breakfast, lunch and free parking will be provided!
Arrive before 8am and double your chances to receive prizes!

The Fort Lauderdale Marriott North

6650 North Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Speak with representatives of leading manufacturers of Voice over IP, Videoconferencing, and IP Telephony products. Participate in breakout sessions with hands-on demonstrations, and learn the benefits and financial rewards of these exciting technologies.

Deploying New Services

January 4, 2006

I received this article recently from Lucent. It is an article about Lucent services but it nevertheless is worthy of reading as it details some next generation services we will be seeing service providers deploy in the future. For example I like the idea of video greetings that can be sent via “virtual characters.”

I also like the idea of celebrity greetings and certainly these are being rolled out slowly but surely. I think many people would love a Donald Trump greeting that says “Thanks for calling… To avoid getting fired leave a detailed message after the tone.”

There is more to the article but if you are intrigued so far, give it a read and feel free to leave your comments at the bottom.


The Secret to Success in the Vast Applications Market

Lucent Hosted Services: A New Business Model for Success

Keith Chappell, Managing Vice President and Global Practice Leader
Lucent Worldwide Services, Communications Applications

There are three prongs for success in the applications market: Increase revenue, lower costs and improve time to market for new and innovative end-user applications.

TMCnet: 10 Million Page Views

January 4, 2006

TMCnet: reached 9,945,852 million page views in December 2005 according to WebTrends. This is an all-time high for our site. A page view is basically as the name implies a single page being viewed. So if a person comes to TMCnet and reads 5 articles, they generate 5 page views.


January 4, 2006

The first issue of SIP Magazine will contain my Publisher’s Outlook which in turn will consist of a brief interview with Anjali Gupta, Corporate Marketing, Flextronics Software Systems as well as other SIP thought leaders. Here is the interview with Gupta:

1. Where is the SIP market headed?

SIP has become ubiquitous in the last couple of years for developers of next generation networks.

SIP Magazine

January 4, 2006

This month, TMC launches SIP Magazine. I am elated about this launch and the industry has echoed my feelings. I have had extensive conversations with the true leaders in the world of SIP and they think the time is right for us to have launched this publication.

Here is my Publisher’s Outlook from the first issue of SIP magazine, January 2006. You will notice there are interviews as well which I will blog separately and probably individually.

Rates Technology and Mitel

January 4, 2006

New Netcentrex CEO

January 4, 2006

Netcentrex has been doing a great job growing and their penetration in VoIP and triple-play solutions has increased nicely over the years. They now have a new CEO.

David Michaud has been appointed new CEO with responsibility for the Americas market. If you do not already know David, he has extensive experience in this market including founding or leading roles with Taqua, NexTone, Excel, and Carrius.

He brings almost 25 years of telecommunications experience, a proven track record of establishing new telecom companies, and extensive experience accelerating their growth. Recently he led sales and marketing initiatives for startups in the IP networking business, including Carrius and NexTone Communications.

68 Countries Register For ITEXPO

January 4, 2006

I just got word that people from over 68 countries will be attending Internet Telephony Conference & Expo. VoIP growth is really taking off and this is such a worldwide phenomenon that I am not surprised to see such large international registration. I just can’t wait for this event which I have dubbed the UN of VoIP in the past.

As I drove into work today on sheets of dangerous and well camouflaged black ice, my thermometer said 28 degrees. I am just 20 days away from going down to sunny Florida for ITEXPO.

Here are the countries represented so far:


Costa Rica
Hong Kong
Ireland Republic of
Korea South-Rep. of
New Zealand
South Africa
Sri Lanka
St Lucia
Taiwan (China Rep of)
Trinidad & Tobago
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
Yemen Arab Republic

Vonage Chooses Sonus

January 4, 2006

I still can’t stop thinking about how many people in the year 2002 when the telecom market was in a perilous time told me that service providers all buy Lucent. Sure they will trial anything and everything else but when they deploy they go with Lucent.

How wrong these people were. Companies like Sonus are doing a great job a getting service providers – new and incumbent, to choose their solutions. Vonage has already deployed Sonus solutions in LA and New York… Now they will deploy Sonus around the country and world to help support their meteoric growth.

The specific products Vonage has and will continue to deploy from Sonus are the GSX9000, PSX Call Routing Server, SGX Signaling Gateway, and the Sonus Insight Management System.

Milliondollarhomepage Copycats

January 4, 2006

Everyone who is anyone is after Milliondollarhomepage. Especially after the news got out about the last few pixels being auctioned off for over $20,000. What I find fascinating is how many pitches I have seen on my blog and on the wires for competitive offerings to this pixel ad based site. Now a new one has popped up.

Kodak and Skype

January 3, 2006

This is really weird. I wrote about how a VoIP provider should work with Kodak just about a week ago now Skype and Kodak have teamed up. I obviously think this is a smart move for Kodak and Skype.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

"Today's families and social networks are scattered around the globe. Staying connected through photo sharing remains an important element in maintaining closer personal relationships," said Sandra Morris, general manager of Consumer Imaging Services at Kodak.


January 3, 2006


January 3, 2006

You know when I signed up for this job, no one ever said there was going to be so much patent news to cover. Yesterday I wrote about Google vs. RTI and also Yahoo! vs.

Alcohol Advertising

January 3, 2006

I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal this morning linking increased alcohol advertising with increased alcohol consumption in the 15-26 age group.

Here is an excerpt from the article.

"This is the most solid piece of research evidence to come forth to date linking exposure to alcohol advertising to increased youth drinking," said David Jernigan, executive director of Georgetown University's Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, who wrote an editorial about the study. Dr. Jernigan wrote that industry could make a "substantial contribution to reducing underage drinking" by limiting advertising to places where 85% of the audience is likely to be 21 and older.

One wonders if this isnt just the most obvious study ever. After all, the point of advertising is to generate awareness and increase purchase of a product or service. Right? Auction

January 2, 2006

JPEG Patents and Yahoo!

January 2, 2006

Patents have become huge in the computing industry. I thought my Rates Technology vs. Google Patent Troll post from earlier today was the end of the patent news for today. Boy was I wrong.

Internet Telephony Expo Show Hotel Sold Out

January 2, 2006

Patent Troll

January 2, 2006

I found a great site that discusses computer and related technology patents. The site is called Peter Zura's Two-Seventy-One Patent Blog. Peter describes 2005 as the year of the patent troll. Here is an excerpt from his post titled 2005: Year Of The Troll:

Alas, there are significant problems that holding companies have brought to the forefront.

Leap Second

January 2, 2006

Wondering what scientific debates are going on as a result of the new year? Take a look at this article on leap seconds. Things that you will learn:

In 1958 an atomic second was defined as the time it takes for an atom of cesium 133 to tick through 9,192,631,770 cycles

The trouble is that the heavens behave more capriciously than cesium. Also, the length of Earth's day is increasing by about two milliseconds per century because of the tides, whereas today's atomic clocks, unaffected by cosmic events, tick away with an accuracy within one second for every 20 million years.

Because of this discrepancy, atomic time has been pulling ahead of astronomical time for the past 47 years.

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