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August 2006

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Show Registrations

August 31, 2006

A Conference Record

August 30, 2006

Heading to Mass

August 30, 2006

GenBand and IMS

August 30, 2006

GenBand dropped by TMC headquarters recently and had a great deal to tell us about how they plan on becoming big players in the IMS space. As part of this initiative they acquired BayPackets, a founding member of the IMS forum. Here is a great article that details what the company is doing as well as customer wins. Here is a teaser:   GENBAND’s Jodi Bennett says, “We’ve really set upon a course to ‘build beyond VoIP’.

Microsoft Should Buy SpiralFrog

August 30, 2006

Yesterday I gave Microsoft some ideas on how they might be able to take on the Apple iTunes/iPod model. One of my ideas involved having Microsoft eating some of the cost of movie and music downloads so they can increase market share.

Interestingly today I came across an article today that talks about free music from Universal. The article describes how a company called SpiralFrog is making the music available in an ad-supported way meaning it is free – as long as you watch some ads.

If this is a trend and not a fad, Microsoft needs to take notice and find a way into this market immediately. They need to leverage ad-supported music and videos is this could be the best way for them to play in the iPod/iTunes space.

Couple a strong product in music with Microsoft’s OS strength and video game growth and you have a pretty well rounded consumer electronics play.

News for Buster Poindexter

August 29, 2006

Do you remember that song -- How you feelin - hot hot hot!? It was one of those weird offbeat kind of classic-pop songs (listen). I was reminded of this song recently when I heard one of the Apple laptops caught fire in Japan. As if Sony didn't have enough on its hands.

As expected, YouTube is beginning to have videos of exploding laptops which of course makes matters worse for all the companies involved.

Apple has received nine reports in the United States of the lithium-ion batteries battery packs overheating, including two consumers who received minor burns after handling overheated computers.

Microsoft/Toshiba Zune

August 29, 2006

Years ago I used to read and perhaps even wrote about the fact that Microsoft would not be successful in the mobile phone business because they can't make an OS that doesn't need frequent rebooting. Years ago this was a joke in the publishing industry. Fast forward to today -- I use a Microsoft-based phone and it is great. I can open PowerPoints and Acrobat documents with ease.

Building an Ark

August 29, 2006

Google/Skype Interop

August 29, 2006

SunRocket Gets Funding

August 28, 2006

Apparently the pain and anguish being felt by VoIP providers due to the Vonage IPO didn’t affect the $33 million that SunRocket scored recently. On a separate note, Vonage seems to be hovering around $7 and this seems like the longest amount of time the company’s stock has been stationary or at least nearly stationary.

It is good to see the company form a base here (some might say anywhere to stop the mad freefall). The question is does the company have any good new to share to make the next move up and not down? From a technical perspective there is no support level below $6.50 so let’s hope for the company’s sake their next bit of news is more customers or revenue than expected.

Also – if you haven’t started using them, TMC’s news snapshot pages can come in really handy as they aggregate stock charts and company info from hundreds of sources onto a single page.

ITEXPO – Early Bird

August 28, 2006

Time is running out to take advantage of early-bird pricing for Internet Telephony Conference & Expo. A reminder to my blog readers that the time is now to save up to $1,000 on a registration. That, my friends is a whole bunch of iPods, SIP phones, infinity Asterisk servers (assuming you have the hardware ), and since we are heading into back-to-school season – that’ll buy you about two entry-level student-ready laptops.

I am really jazzed about this event because we have some of the best speakers we have ever had at our ITEXPO conferences and the breadth and depth of knowledge you will receive over the course of a few days is almost beyond explanation.

It should be noted that TMC has also partnered with other groups to make our already top-ranked conference program even better.

Remember finally that TMC remains the only conference company in IP communications to guarantee your conference registration.

By the way -- we have yet to have a single person take us up on this guarantee (even after thousands of conferees) and we are proud of this fact.

For your hard-earned conference dollars you should just say NO to Industry Per/Sales-spectives.

Here are some of the companies presenting in San Diego

8x8 Acme Packet Aculab Alcatel AT&T Audiocodes Avaya Baypackets
Broadsoft Cisco Systems Citel Covad Dash911 DecisionOne   Deloitte
Digium DiTech Networks Eicon Networks Envox Equinix Forum Communications Global IP Sound Global Touch IDC  In-Stat IntelliCom Analytics Inter-tel Iotum Iperia Iwatsu Jon Arnold & Associates Juniper Kayote Lucent Technologies Microsoft Mitel Motorola NEC Net2Phone Neustar NexTone NMS Nortel Paetec   Pingtel
Quintum RNKVoIP Samsung Sangoma Sentito Siemens Sonus Spectralink Stealth Communications Sun MicroSysytems SunRocket Switch & Data Talkswitch Telchemy The Eastern Management Group Tier1 Research Toshiba U4EA Unimax Verizon Vertical VoIP Inc. VoIP Shield Vox XO Communications Zultys


Take a look at this list of conference tracks/workshops on the program:

Service Provider Solutions
Voice Peering Workshop
IMS Expo (Colocated event)
IPTV Evolution Workshop presented by FierceMarkets
Mobility Summit
WiFi Telephony Summit
Conferencing and Collaboration
Large Enterprise Deployment Workshop
VoIP for SMB
Enterprise/Government Solutions
TMC University IP PBX Certification Courses
Call Center 2.0 (Colocated conference)
IP Communications Development
SIP Workshop
Open Source Summit
Asterisk Training
VoIP Security for Consumer/User

I hope to see you at the event October 10-13, 2006 at the San Diego Convention Center.

ITEXPO – Unbelievable Sign-ups

August 28, 2006

Vonage Killed the Industry

August 28, 2006

Latest Communications Solutions

August 28, 2006

Phone Companies Get an FCC Spanking

August 28, 2006

A number of consumer advocacy groups and others have trying to encourage the FCC and government to put a stop to the consolidation of service providers that is taking place. They argue the old AT&T is being rebuilt and the telecom industry is heading in the wrong direction.

In response the FCC has publicly commented that there is more competition that ever from cable companies as well as wireless and satellite providers.

But the FCC’s comments about an abundance of competition seems to have been put to the test recently as Verizon has announced a new broadband surcharge. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, last weekend, Verizon began emailing its roughly six million high-speed Internet subscribers, informing them they would no longer be charged the Universal Service Fund fee -- which was $1.25 or $2.83 a month, depending on speed of service. But it went on to say that it was instituting a "supplier surcharge" of $1.20 or $2.70 a month beginning Aug. 26.

Many point to this new fee as evidence there is a lack of real broadband competition in the market and they further argue the timing of this increase – just as the FCC decided broadband subscribers no longer had to pay into the Universal Service Fund, is especially sneaky.

It is for this reason the FCC decided to send a “letter of inquiry” to Verizon in order to ascertain the reasoning behind the surcharge.

Inter-Tel Control

August 26, 2006

Newspapers are Dying

August 25, 2006

A Smile for the Weekend

August 25, 2006

Channel Partners

August 25, 2006

I had a good time at this show and the DC weather was nice after all. I actually walked a great deal outside. Much more than I expected. Perhaps wearing new shoes wasn't so smart after all.

Recallapalooza Good For You and Me

August 24, 2006

Off to Channel Partners

August 24, 2006

I am off to the Channel Partners event today in DC. I have never been there and have no clue what to expect. I am on the Acela Express train now. I was running late this morning and some WiFi problems at home slowed me down a bit.

Richard Zippy Grigonis

August 23, 2006

Some years back -- I cant recall -- perhaps it was 1998 or 99, I am not sure exactly when -- I got a call from Joe Jackson at Alliance Systems who thought Rich Zippy Grigonis would be a good fit for TMC. Rich was working on Computer Telephony Magazine at the time.

We had a meeting about hiring Rich but somehow didn't close the loop. We had a delicious steak dinner as I recall. Then a while later we had another meeting with Zippy and Marc Robins about hiring Rich. Again, somehow it didn't work out.

TMCnet Whitepapers

August 23, 2006

Our new TMCnet whitepapers are generating quite a bit of interest and I thought I would share this with my readers. There is some very good content in the library and I had a chance to read a few of them.

AT&T has done a great job with some of their whitepapers. Some of the ones worth reading are Voice over IP Security and Critical Steps for a Successful VoIP Deployment.

Another whitepaper gaining lots of traction is Nortel's Top 10 Questions to ask IMS vendors: What's important and what to watch out for.

TI has a few worth looking at as well -- Remote Management: Critical to a New Generation of Digital Service Providers & Next-Generation Residential Gateways: Flexibility and High-Performance will be Critical.

Whitepapers are just such a great way to learn about a topic -- sure they aren't as glossy as four-color magazines but every now and then you need a break from all that color. It sort of reminds me of Pleasantville without those excellent chocolate chip cookies.

Google is the Internet

August 23, 2006

Packet8 Annual Plan

August 23, 2006

By now you know I hate to see VoIP providers compete on price. They should all be looking for ways to move up and not downmarket. Surveys have shown that very low-priced VoIP service is synonymous in user's minds with shoddy quality.

Does it make sense to be the lowest priced VoIP provider when low price is equated with low quality?

I don't think so.

On the other hand I do think that what Packet8 has done by going to an annual calling plan makes sense. My instincts tell me that even though customers are saving with this new 12 month - $199 plan, the high initial cost equates to a higher price which may not have any impact on Packet8 image or branding.

Hooked on Crack-Berry

August 22, 2006

Meeting Marc Benioff

August 22, 2006

More Job Openings

August 21, 2006

I came across some job openings from Dennis Young of TELL/COM RECRUITERS. If you have interest just e-mail for more info.

Here are the details:


I have two immediate opportunities and these people can live anywhere in the United States. They are looking for a person who is (or has recently been) a customer facing Sales Engineer with any of the following domain expertise: Contact Center, CTI, IP Telephony or IVR/Speech.
The total compensation ranges between 115–125K. This client is very stable, profitable and is in a growth mode so I don’t expect anyone who wins this opportunity will be looking for another job too soon.
I’m also interested in hearing from anyone in your network (Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Professional Services and Management) who have outstanding credentials within the Convergence Industry who might be shopping for opportunities before the end of the year?

Write On Writely

August 21, 2006

If you haven’t tried the new Writely word processor – the company was recently purchased by Google and has an AJAX-based word processor that runs in your browser, you definitely need to. I just typed out a brief document and I remain very impressed by the possibilities using AJAX.

I can cut, paste, change text color, etc. Sure I can’t do advanced things like grammar checking yet but I expect this service to evolve.

I also remain convinced that AJAX-based applications are the biggest threat to software providers. Expect many new software companies with AJAX applications who charge for enhanced services such as storage, back ups, advanced features, etc.

The Skype model will be duplicated – give away software and charge for services later -- by dozens if not hundreds of companies looking to take share in virtually all parts of the software business.

What’s your opinion?

Verizon Wireless a Call Center 2.0 Case Study

August 21, 2006

The wireless communications sector is one of the more interesting businesses around as they generate billions and billions in revenue and spend millions on ad campaigns such as “We have the least dropped calls.” It just seems so weird in the world of business. Could you imagine a hospital billboard with a slogan like “Least accidental deaths?” How about a political campaign ad – “Lowest infidelity rate.” Or better still how about a slogan from McDonalds – “Least obesity-related illness!”

But the people in the wireless industry don’t see things as funny as I do and some of them are looking for ways to clearly annihilate their competition.

Over the past years I have written about Verizon Wireless many times. I always said their network was fantastic but they had a slew of other problems. Some of my early articles discussed problems the company was facing with customer service issues.

SanDisk Sansa e280

August 21, 2006

For $250 you can purchase a flash-based MP3 player that comes with a native 8 GB and can be upgraded to 10 GB with a micro SD card. My friends that is 2,500 songs and you won’t ever hear it skip if you are jogging or the player gets bumped. The product is the SanDisk Sansa e280.

In addition there are no moving parts and the device should last longer than hard drive based models. I haven’t had a chance to test this device out but the specs are amazing and every year, I am more and more amazed at how flash memory is taking tiny bits of share from the hard disk makers.

Another notable area where this shift is beginning is notebook computers where flash based notebooks are beginning to slowly be rolled out to compete with hard drive based laptops.

Zultys Case Studies

August 21, 2006

Skype and GIPS Solidify Relationship

August 21, 2006

Where was TMC?

August 18, 2006

Wow what a day we had. Today was the the second TMC barbecue of the year and we had it at this amazing park in Wilton, CT which had a beach and a pond and swings, etc. Perhaps most important was the grill which was huge and active the whole time. If you didn't get a quick response from us today, now you know why.

NEC Managed IP Telephony - MIPT

August 18, 2006

When it comes to hosted communications I have heard it all. I really have. After all, as you may recall I launched a magazine called Communications ASP years ago – just before the bubble burst in fact.. I was always a believer in hosting.

MySpace Moves to Level 3

August 18, 2006

Google Aided CRM

August 17, 2006

Google WiFi

August 17, 2006

Few companies strike fear in the heart of Microsoft and the incumbent telephone companies like Google. Analysts and journalists seem to delight in asking the software leader and the companies comprising the new AT&T how they will fend off the threat from Google.

Google’s influence is felt throughout the world and the government of France is concerned that Google is responsible for slowly destroying French culture. In response to the threat from Google in fact there is a new French search engine.

Then there is the threat to eBay as Google hones its Froogle search engine, payment and e-commerce products. Newspapers have a love/hate relationship with Google News but mostly hate as they see Google news replacing their sites as primary news home pages.

It would seem, everywhere you look, Google is wreaking havoc with existing business models and causing boardroom chaos.

The newest chaos is being felt in the offices of cell phone operators around the world.

EarthLink and Circuit City

August 16, 2006

It is pretty big news when EarthLink and Circuit City team up to do anything. With all the market research out there showing VoIP growing by leaps and bounds, both EarthLink and Circuit City see an opportunity to grab some share by working together. Certainly Circuit City is an arms dealer of sorts, working with lots of other VoIP providers as well.

But when there is an entire aisle of competing VoIP products and services to consider, one wonders how these companies who provide VoIP service will be able to differentiate themselves. For example will name brands be enough?

PGP Meets VoIP

August 15, 2006

Sprint Interview

August 15, 2006

Here is the partially edited interview I had with Tony Krueck, VP of Product Development at Sprint. This was a great interview for me as I really learned a great deal about what Sprint is up to and how they are embracing IMS. It is along interview but it wasn't edited down because there is some great content in here.

An eagle-eyed reader noticed this interview took place before the recent Sprint WiMAX news. Here is a link to that news.

Rich Tehrani 's Executive Suite is a monthly feature in which leading executives in the VoIP and IP Communications industry discuss their company's latest developments with TMC president Rich Tehrani , as well as providing analysis on industry news and trends.


August 15, 2006

VoIP Grows 22%

August 15, 2006

I am a big believer in the fact that Vonage spends too much money on advertising. My thoughts are they are that they can cut down their expense without significantly reducung subscriber additions. But with VoIP growing at 22% and the intense competition coming from cablecos, the New Jersey based pure-play VoIP company is obviously trying to gain as much share as it can.

Some of the numbers coming from this recent VoIP market research report are staggering.

Insects in the War on Terror

August 13, 2006

Just Landed at JFK Airport

August 11, 2006

One of the concerns of passengers which I shared was that the plane would not have enough water for all of us as we can no longer bring our own. The good news is that American Airlines served beverages 4 times if you include the time they came by with cups of water on a tray. This seemed to keep everyone happy.

The one complaint people still have is that they will have to check their bags and thus wait longer to leave the airport once the flight has landed. One flight attendant mentioned that many times flights are delayed due to having too many carry-on items.

No Lotions

August 11, 2006

VoIP/IP Communications Development Trends

August 11, 2006

The world of IP Communications is continuously evolving and this week's VoIP Developer Conference has afforded me the opportunity to speak with people from many companies who aren't allowed to officially disclose much about what they are doing. Most of the people at this show were engineers -- technical people who likely shouldn't have been talking with the media about what they are doing.

Out of respect for these attendees and the companies that sent them to this event I am honor-bound to not disclose company names or products but instead I will dwell on concepts and mention companies where there is no risk of divulging confidential information.

There is an insane battle taking place for the desktop IP communications client. Everyone wants in. We know about AOL, Google and Yahoo!

Stopped at the X-ray Machine

August 11, 2006

When I got past the x-ray machine it was obvious to me that security has become much tighter. My laptop bag was scrutinized and swabbed repeatedly. Typically this happens about 5% of the time. Many people were going through puffer machines but I am not sure what the criterion was for having to go through this machine.

The airport is certainly packed with people so this incident doesn’t seem to have affected the traveling habits of the average traveler.

Flying from San Francisco

August 11, 2006

blog test

August 11, 2006

Photo Test

August 11, 2006

Vonage Destroys IPO Market?

August 10, 2006

This article points to Vonage as one of the factors making for a poor IPO market. The colossal blowup of Internet phone company Vonage is scaring IPO investors and IPO hopefuls alike, says Joel Greenberg, partner at law firm Kaye Scholer. Investors that got in at the IPO price got drilled, losing nearly 60 percent. "Vonage shook people up," he says, though he thinks that profitable firms with more stable businesses can still go public.

I suppose if this is true the Vonage IPO hasn’t done much to help VoIP in general.

More on Intel/Dialogic

August 10, 2006

George Ou was here at VoIP Developer yesterday and it was good to catch up with him. He has some great analysis here on the merger. One great point George makes is the power of host processors and the fact these processors will be eroding the DSP market. While this is true there still needs to be a standard set of APIs to use when accessing voice functionality from these processors.

Lots of VoIP Developer Photos

August 9, 2006

VoIP Developer 2007 Photos

August 9, 2006

Eicon Networks Buys Intel Dialogic Division

August 9, 2006

As I have been writing about for a few months, the Dialogic Division of Intel has been sold. Eicon Networks is the buyer and I am looking forward to finding out more details and sharing them with you.

This is potentially good news for the entire communications space for the following reasons. This division of Intel had the massive resources of corporate behind them but the challenge was for such a large company to focus on so many things. There are obviously synergies that will be lost as a result of this division being sold but on the flipside if this newly freed division goes back to its super-aggressive Dialogic ways -- it could result in much more rapid growth for not only for them but the industry as a whole.

Day 3 of VoIP Developer

August 9, 2006

So far the day is going very well. Please check For recent photos. I am in the AOL session now and am learning about the future of AIM Phoneline which consists of enhanced services such as seeing the caller's city. There is nomadic 911 built in as well.

SOA in Communications

August 8, 2006

The leading edge in telecom is SOA. I have written about this many times before but I get the feeling most people don't understand how important the concept of SOA will be as telecom gets more integrated into the fabric of enterprise and service provider computing.

For a look at the esoteric world of telecom, SOA and the myriad acronyms developed when the world of telecom, datacom and the Internet collide at breakneck speeds -- look no further than Bob Liu's article from day one at TMC's VoIP Developer Conference. Specifically it focuses on the comments of Ubiquity's Doug Tucker. You definitely don't want to play acronym Scrabble with this guy.

The amazing part of this article is it is the information presented at just one single session and there are dozens and dozens of sessions taking place this week.

Fox News Visits TMC's VoIP Developer

August 8, 2006

Verizon Wireless Does CRM

August 8, 2006

Perhaps one of the best CRM stories I have read recently was about Verizon Wireless and their new offerings for customers. The article was in a newsletter from Peppers and Rogers and I would link to it if I could figure out where on the web it lives. In case it shows up online one day or if perhaps your search skills are better than mine -- the title is Verizon Wireless ups the Customer Loyalty Ante by Martha Rogers, Ph.D.

The article mentions that Verizon Wireless will soon begin to prorate its early termination fees -- a really big deal in my opinion. These fees are universally despised.

Interesting Aculab News

August 7, 2006

Aculab supports a few new codecs with their latest HMP release. Prosody S is now on version 2.1 and supports G.723.1, G.726, G.729AB and iLBC among others. Greg has the details on his blog.

Apparently the company is so confident in the new release they are offering an extended trial period to customers. I plan on checking it out this week at VoIP Developer here in Santa Clara.

VoIP Developer Surprise

August 7, 2006

VoIP Developer Opens with a Bang

August 7, 2006

The opening day at TMC's VoIP Developer show opened with a bang -- well the show technically hasn't started but Avaya is hosting a Developer Connection Day as part of the conference and I am in the room now listening to Zeus Kerravala, the Vice President of Enabling technologies from the Yankee Group give a very uplifting opening presentation about the opportunities afforded by the VoIP market.

Using a frank style that seemed to resonate with the audience, Kerravala went on to educate the attendees about the opportunities in IP Communications.

"We are at the beginning of the market - where the PC was in 1982," he said. He continued, "Imagine asking a person before 1982 what they would want to do with a PC. They wouldn't be able to tell you. This is also the case with VoIP."

He further went on to tell the audience that shows like this are where the excitement lies -- this is where the new things in the market get thought of and how they get developed.

Is iPod the next Internet?

August 7, 2006

I am here in Santa Clara getting ready for TMC's VoIP Developer Conference and while I checked my e-mail I noticed one of my messages is from a retailer touting an iPod-ready knapsack. This got me thinking back to 1998 or so when one of the TMC Labs engineers came back to the lab with a new UPS unit that had "Internet-Ready" proudly displayed on the packaging.

We thought this was one of the funniest things we had ever seen at the time and now the term "Internet-Ready" is being eclipsed by "iPod-Ready." The difference is of course is that the manufacturer usually has to change a product to make it iPod ready.

The point of all this is that at a certain point the herd mentality takes hold and we all have to buy products that comply with the latest trend. Marketers realize this and capitalize on the trend. Even the automakers have gotten into the act.

The world will get really interesting in my opinion when we can go to iPod-ready coffee shops, drive Internet-ready cars, take iPod-ready mass transit and finally in honor of this week's conference -- listen to VoIP-ready iPods.

Why Vonage Stock Will Hit $6?

August 4, 2006

Google Licenses AP news

August 4, 2006

VoIP Peering Web Summit Feedback

August 4, 2006

In case you aren’t aware, TMC recently launched a series of Web Summits – similar to webinars these events have an analyst present and also typically encompass a number of points of view. TMC’s first Web Summit was on VoIP peering and there were a number of participants. I just noticed on Greg Galitzine’s blog that there were some nice comments worth sharing:


NexTone Communications' as well as all the other companies' participations made the event a success. Speakers such as Jon Arnold, Eli Katz, David Schwartz and Larry Schessel made this summit one you would never forget.


Very nice.

UTStarcom IPTV

August 3, 2006

Really Huge AOL News

August 3, 2006

Vint Cerf on Net Neutrality

August 3, 2006

New Call Center Update

August 3, 2006

Here is a list of some of the newer call centers that have been launched around the world. There has been tremendous growth worldwide but this list has a good deal of domestic activity. I have been having some formatting problems with this table -- hope this shows up ok on your browser -- it crashed mine already once today.   Here is the link to the New Call Center page on our site.   Company  Location Initial # Of Seats Expected # Of Seats Expected Open Date Sovereign Bank  New Bedford, MA 100 N/A 6/1/2006 Alltel El Paso, TX 330 330 7/1/2006 IntelliRisk Management Corporation Pampanga, Philippines 450 N/A N/A Crescent Processing Company Sherman, CO 110 N/A 7/1/2006 Cardinal Health Inc. Louisville, KY N/A N/A 1/6/2006 Pinnacle Business Solutions Inc. Little Rock, AR N/A 650 1/6/2006 FTD Sherwood, AR N/A 250 12/1/2005 Verizon Newark, NJ 400 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Connextions Inc. Concord, North Carolina 300 N/A N/A Accent Contact Centres Lima, Peru 64 500 8/1/2006 Jacksonville, FL Fidelity 1200 N/A 6/15/2006

CallVantage Comments

August 3, 2006

I received this e-mail today regarding my recent CallVantage article where I was confused about why AT&T would lower their CallVantage prices.


FYI, I was listening to a con-call being given by a senior IT exec at AT&T .... he basically said there was no future for callvantage ..... there's no money in it ..... they would probably provide a VOIP service for lightspeed but as far as a general "bring your own broadband" offering there's no future in it.

Now is he saying it because there really is no money in it?

Browser-Based VoIP

August 3, 2006

There is a race going on in the VoIP development community to allow IP communications functionality via a web browser. No longer is it chic to download software it seems. Many companies have policies against downloading unapproved software and consumers are fed up with having to deal with the clutter caused by dozens of programs and utilities piling up on their computers.

Browser-based communications will soon be commonplace and there are new developments in this area constantly being announced. One of the most recent is one from Florida-based VoiceOne a subsidiary of VoIP Inc. The company announced today the beta release of their web-click service Click4Me.Net.

VoIP, Inc.'s CTO Shawn Lewis said, "Cick4Me is designed to meet the needs of active, on-the-go businesspeople.

September 2006 IMS magazine Publisher’s Outlook

August 2, 2006

Here is a sneak peak at my upcoming Publisher’s Outlook in IMS Magazine. Check it out in September 2006 or read it now here. And you thought checking my blog regularly had no advantages. I wonder if IMS will have an even newer version when this issue rolls out.
How about: AA-IMS = Awesome Advances in IMS?

Nortel’s New CTO

August 2, 2006

John Roese has recently been appointed as Nortel’s new CTO and I thought this was a golden opportunity to get his insights on what is happening in the communications market and at Nortel. Based on these thorough answers I expect great things from John – I am looking forward to getting more insight from him in the future. Here is the result of our interview.


What does your appointment mean for Nortel?

First, I’m thrilled to be on board and part of Mike Zafirovski’s executive team.

In terms of what my appointment to Nortel means to both the company and myself; Nortel has tremendous amount of innovation and intellectual capacity, Not many people really know the depth of the company’s technology leadership and innovation activity today.

Good Article For VoIP Providers

August 2, 2006

Duplicates Remover For Outlook

August 2, 2006

Ubiquity on VoIP Developer

August 2, 2006

A-IMS: Advances in IMS

August 2, 2006

Anti Net Neutrality Video

August 2, 2006

I don’t agree with much of this video but am always open to many points of view. This video says the best way to ensure competition on the Internet is to keep it free from regulation. I agree with this assumption if there are 5 or more solid competitors to choose from. Any less and there is risk of stifling innovation as broadband competitors own the pipes.

In reality in my area I have cable and DSL to chose from or two vendors.

August 2006 High Priority in Customer Interaction Solutions

August 1, 2006

Please enjoy a sneak peak at my August 2006 High Priority Column in Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine:

High Priority!

By Rich Tehrani

Eighteen Years Of Mergers

In May of 1998, I wrote a column in these pages entitled "Merger Fever - For Better Or For Worse." In that column, I mentioned that at that time, one of our exhibit salespeople came to me and exclaimed “The industry is contracting!” ( It turns out, of course, that this salesperson was very wrong, and the call center market enjoyed decades of growth from that point forward.

As part of that 1998 article, I mentioned that the call center market was so different from the traditional software space where one size fits all. I went on to say that mergers aren’t necessarily a bad thing, and there was plenty of space for well managed start-ups.
I then gave an overview of the features and functions a call center solution should offer.

Story on Vonage's First Public Quarter

August 1, 2006

Latest Zultys Update

August 1, 2006

We have been receiving many e-mails on the Zultys situation (Zultys Out of Business, Zultys UpdateZultys Up and Running!). It seems that there are a good number of employees who are upset about what is happening. Of course this makes sense as it seems like the employees were blindsided by all of this.

I have Known Iain for a decade and have never heard a bad thing about him so I have a good deal of trust in what he tells me. I have also had positive dealings with him over the years.

MetaSwitch Cable Telephony

August 1, 2006

MetaSwitch has always been a leading edge technology company and they know acronyms well. Perhaps that is why they aren’t afraid to launch YAIPCA or Yet Another IP Communications Acronym. In this case it is COMETE! Or Cable Operator Multiservice Platform for Enhanced Telephony Evolution.

“From a technology perspective, this is an entire network,” said Andy Randall, vice president of marketing at MetaSwitch.

Next-Gen SIP Track Added

August 1, 2006

At next week’s VoIP Developer show there will be a next-gen SIP track you won’t want to miss. SIP is one of the most exciting protocols around and is the one protocol tying together all of the exciting things in the world of telecom from presence to VoIP to IMS.   If you need to know about SIP in your career you should be coming to VoIP Developer next week in Santa Clara where Ubiquity will be educating the audience on next-gen SIP solutions.   Here are some details of the sessions. I hope to see you there.   --------

Applying SOA to Real-Time Communications Application Development
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Integrating Voice Web Services into Applications
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Understanding IVR and Media Server Control
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The Business Opportunities for Developers in the New Converged Services Economy
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Vonage Earnings Out

August 1, 2006

Here is the scoop on Vonage. Earnings were lower than expected but losses as a percentage of earnings decreased.

Vonage's loss from April through June was $74.1 million, or $1.16 per share, compared with a loss of $63.6 million in the same quarter last year.

The consensus forecast of analysts surveyed by Thomson Financial was for a loss of 56 cents per share this time, but the predictions fell in a very wide range, from a loss of 38 cents to a loss of $1.18.

Revenue was $143.4 million, short of Wall Street's forecast of $148.3 million. Vonage's revenue was $59.4 million in the same quarter a year ago.

Vonage's CEO, Mike Snyder, said the company sees the quarter "as a key inflection point on our path to profitability." He said in Tuesday's earnings release that the company expects to begin generating "adjusted operating profits as early as the first quarter 2008."

In the first half of 2006, Vonage showed a loss of $159.3 million on revenue of $262.3 million which equates to about 61%. In the same period in 2005, the loss was $123.6 million, with revenue of $100.1 million or 123%.

For Vonage critics this is the exact news they wanted to hear and for Vonage advocates I feel this is also the news they wanted to hear.

Microsoft Speech Recognition Problems

August 1, 2006

BT on VoIP

August 1, 2006

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