TMC Dallas Video Interviews 2011

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TMC Dallas Video Interviews 2011

Recently I spent some time in Dallas doing video interviews with companies in the Dallas, Texas area and during the course of the discussions I was able to get a sense of where the markets have been and are going. The vast range of different opinions really comes together into a few themes.

They are simply that wages and turnover rates in India are skyrocketing meaning some jobs may be headed back to the US. This is offset by an interview with  King White of the Site Selection Group - an organization which helps companies decide which countries and states they should locate in. He tells us that states with higher taxes are less attractive and subsequently deter companies from opening there. Simply stated, voters electing candidates who consider raising taxes are likely killing the future job prospects of their state.

This is also the case in elections of congressmen, senators and obviously presidential elections.

On the tech side, there is an increased push towards video, wireless, small cells, mobility and the call center space is enjoying renewed growth and energy.

For more details, browse the descriptions below, view the videos and read the articles.

COMPANY      Description
Site Selection Group Video Article Learn how higher taxes kills jobs
Varaha Systems Video Article Mobile solutions - voice, data and video
Airband Communications Video Article Fixed wireless for business
Vanillasoft Video Article Inside sales automation
Airwalk Communications Video Article Small cells and the future of mobile & wireless
Sipera Video Article Unified communications security, simpler SBCs
ABP Video Article Death of value chain PBX distribution
Mavenir Video Article Mobile 2.0 discussion
Working Solutions Video Article Home agents, social, call center technology
Alepo Video Article IT solutions for wireless carriers
 Conexion One  Video Article Hispanic outsourcing services
ViewCast Video Article Coding formats for video delivery
Doublehorn Communications Video Article SMB broadband communications, SIP trunking
Samsung Video Article Mobile phones, devices, content, smartphones
Reallinx Video Article Better broadband, security, VoIP service &  support 
Spectrum Corpo Video Article Contact center monitoring, data analysis
ICON Voice Networks  Video Article Was Iwatsu America. Now more strategic US focus
Epygi Video Article More scaleable phone & video solutions
Artisan Video Article Infrastructure as a service - wholesale, pure-play
MinuteMan UPS Video Article Extended run-time UPS systems
Facetcorp Video Article Flexible, customized  PBX systems
Fonality Video Article The move to cloud communications
Telstrat Video Article Workforce optimization, coaching, analytics
Novo 1 Contact Centers Video Article Call center agents coming back to the US
Telstrat 2 Video Article Evolution of the call center, recording 2.0

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