4G to Increase Carrier Data Revenue

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4G to Increase Carrier Data Revenue

Are mobile carriers leaving a tremendous amount of money on the table because their 3G networks are not truly open? Will the move to 4G generate much more data revenue? If the recent proliferation of smartphones is any indication, there is a thirst for more data and consumers want a DSL-like experience on their mobile devices. By this I mean a truly open environment where they are able to surf the web with any device and listen to a specific radio station on any gadget.

In other words, the closed, proprietary nature of 3G networks is likely limiting carrier revenue and as 4G proliferates the opportunity exists for carriers to sell even more data plans.

All of this is great news for carriers and the case for 4G is made nicely by Jeff Orr, the latest TMCnet columnist. His article is worth a read.

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