Licensing Live 2018 Live Blog #LLUS2018

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Licensing Live 2018 Live Blog #LLUS2018


For reference BTW - check out the last Licensing Live Live Blog we wrote in 2016.

It's 9:30 am PST Nov 13th in San Jose and we are about to get started! Check out some tweets from last night I posted for now.

And we are off and running! Jamshed Kahn, VP of Marketing at Gemalto takes the stage!


"We help companies get more value of your software, regardless of the platform where you offer that software."

Jamshed sets the table on everything we will see today. 


Shlomo Weiss SVP Software Monetization at Gemalto takes the stage.

He began with a poll - 1/4 of the companies are selling software only - 10% sell hardware and 75% sell both.


Many companies know they want to get into new markets but the question is - what is the business value a company is offering> Typically it is one or more of these buckets above.

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