Pimp Your iPad and iPhone 4 With Carbon Fiber

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Pimp Your iPad and iPhone 4 With Carbon Fiber

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The saying goes, if you have to ask how much an exotic sports car costs, you can't afford it. The good news is if you are a tech and car nut you can accessorize your devices in a manner which may appeal to both your techie and auto sides while not totally breaking the bank. Many exotic cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris are built in-part with carbon fiber which is a super-strong and lightweight material also used to build fighter jets.

An accessory maker named monCarbone has just released a line of cases for iPads and iPhone 4s called HoverCoat and they come in Mystery Black, Midnight Black, for the iPad and iPhone 4 and soon there will be a Luminous Silver option for the iPhone 4.

And yes, you likely can afford it as the iPad case comes in at $89.99 and the iPhone 4 case will set you back $59.99. So the next time some punk sits next to you at a Starbucks and tries to show off


his latest Droid phone or a Kindle you can confidently reach into your pocket or knapsack and leisurely pull out your carbon-fiber encased gadget. And be sure to remember to order that double espresso, shaken, not stirred.

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