A good friend of mine

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A good friend of mine

A good friend of mine John Dabnor alerted me to this new company Teleflip that allows easy sending of SMS messages to any cell phone.

Just send an e-mail to number@teleflip.com, (i.e. 813xxxxxxx@teleflip.com) and it will be delivered. You dont need to know the service provider.

There may be some issues related to LNP or local number portability meaning that if a cell phone ports from one provider to another it may take some time (Their FAQ says a few months) until their database is updated.

I havent tested the service extensively but I did send I some messages to some invalid cell numbers and they bounced back which is good to know. I was able to get a message through to a T-Mobile phone.

The service is free. Let me know what you think.

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