Air Canada Pillows

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Air Canada Pillows

You will now have to pay for pillows on Air Canada flights. I think this is a great idea. I have suggested since 2002 that airlines charge for food and now some are. I would rather pay for the privilege of having food or a pillow than not have the option to have it.

The problem is with the payment system. It is cumbersome to reach into a pocket and take out cash while sitting in a cramped airline seat. Worse, there is never correct change meaning you get a flight attendant possibly coming back an hour later to give you back what you are owed.

This problem accelerates when you buy drinks, food, a pillow and other items. This leads me to hope that all airlines begin to accept credit cards for most purchases.

I also think there is an opportunity for a plus pass of some kind that entitles you to a mixed drink, a meal, a pillow a blanket. You can order this when you buy your ticket and not have to worry about individual payments.

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