A Dream for Alan Harper - iPads Do Increase Chiropractor Visits

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A Dream for Alan Harper - iPads Do Increase Chiropractor Visits

When the iPad was released I penned a piece titled iPad Neck – Ouch! alan-harper.jpgBecause I had such a neck ache, I had to see a chiropractor. Just over a year and a half later I came across a report on TMCnet which explains that yes, indeed, I am not alone. Researchers have found that prolonged use of tablets as opposed to desktop computers has led to not only pain in people’s necks but their shoulders as well.

The reason has to do with how the screen is positioned. With a desktop or laptop your head is generally up, facing forward as opposed to when you use a tablet and your head is tilted down. This is similar to reading a book which you put on the desk directly in front of you. But the book can be lifted – a tablet has to stay in front of you when you type.

What I can tell you is that my chiropractor was very happy with Apple and I was one of a few patients she was working with within a few weeks of the release of the iPad 1. And with the news that Apple sold more iPads than any computer vendor sold computers, we can expect the chiropractic business to do well for years to come. Do the writers of Two and a Half Men know about this by the way? At this rate Alan Harper will have more money than Walden.

Much to the dismay of Mr. Harper however – researchers advise you not use the tablet as a computer replacement – because if you do, you may potentially end up in a seedy chiropractic office in the San Fernando Valley.

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