Apple Going Too Far on App Store Restrictions?

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Apple Going Too Far on App Store Restrictions?

There are so many positive things you can say about Apple. The company is truly positioned to take over the computing and mobile worlds. They already seem to own the music and video businesses. But does Apple need to tell us what programs we should and shouldn't run on our phones? Is this their place?

Recently, Apple banned MailWrangler, an application which uses a web browser to access e-mail on the iPhone. I am still at a bit of a loss about why Apple needs to check applications to begin with. Why can I download applications for Windows Mobile without anyone checking the applications.

Getting back to MailWrangler, I haven't used the program but I have recently started to use OWA or Outlook Web Access on the iPhone to access email and what I like about working in this manner is that I can turn the phone sideways and more easily read email. The native email application on the iPhone does not allow the screen to be turned sideways so OWA gives me added functinality. I imagine MailWrangler may work in a similar fashion.

Of course with the removal of the program from the app store, there is no way for me to test how MailWrangler works at the moment but I must say any application which improves email access is welcome and many people get the feeling Apple's system of approving applications lacks transparency. Still, I imagine most developers will have no choice but to develop for the new iconic phone, regardless of how tight fisted Apple is.

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