Cablevision Brings TV to iPhones and iPods

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Cablevision Brings TV to iPhones and iPods


A few months back, Cablevision released an iPad app allowing consumers to watch hundreds of channels and thousands of video on demand titles. How successful was it? Well it was downloaded more than 200,000 times making it one of the major killer apps for the iPad. Now, the same app has come to the iPhone and iPod Touch. The only limitation of the software is it only allows you to watch TV in your home or as far as your home WiFi network extends. Moreover, the iPad software would run on three devices max and I suppose this total number of devices is still accurate but I have an email out to the company and will update the post when I hear back.

Up to five devices can be registered to stream TV and up to 2 can watch programming at once according tot he company.

I consider this news a tremendous boost to Apple's platform and Google, RIM and Microsoft should be throwing dollars at the company to get them to replicate this software on their platforms.


Disclosure: I own Apple shares

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