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iPhone Problems

July 2, 2007

  For the record, I do not have an iPhone. I may be the only techie who doesn’t have one at this point. I didn’t stand in line for hours or camp on a sidewalk waiting for this device to arrive.   However, I just spoke with Michael Khalilian of the IMS Forum and I apparently was the first caller on his new iPhone. He was telling me the level of complexity to get the device working is incredible.

SimulScribe: Real Visual Voicemail

June 30, 2007

SimulScribe: Real Visual Voicemail

June 30, 2007

Safari for Windows

June 15, 2007

I have been hearing some grumblings in the market about Apple’s Safari release and many are saying Steve Jobs is over-optimistic in thinking there will be one hundred million downloads of Safari for Windows. If this browser is indeed is as fast as Apple says and it has less security challenges than IE, it does have a great chance of being a serious browser contender.   Om Malik has some thoughts on why Jobs and company have released this software. He thinks it is a an ease-of-use play where people will see how easy to use the Apple browser is and then feel more comfortable with Macs and then switch to an iMac.   While this could be part of the reason for this new browser, in my opinion there is a single overriding reason for this browser launch.   In a word, web 2.0 and SaaS. You see the browser is becoming a more integral part of our workday.

iPhone: No Mechanical Keyboard

June 13, 2007

I mentioned a few months back the lack of a keyboard could be the Achilles heal of the Apple iPhone. Now the NY Times has an article on the same topic. Russell Shaw mentions this in his blog today and has a poll asking if people care about having a physical keyboard.   I believe for the casual user the lack of a keyboard is bearable. For the serious e-mail user like yours truly I am pretty sure there is no way I will give up the mechanical sensation of pressing keys.   Then again, I haven’t seen the iPhone yet.

Google and Apple Collaborate

June 7, 2007

iPhone Release Date

June 4, 2007

Google Gears

May 31, 2007

Google’s announcement that they have launched Google Gears is significant as it means the plethora of web-based applications which once were not able to run without internet connectivity can now function without a connection. The technology is available as open-source meaning there will likely be great interest in using it to develop applications.   When you add the words “open-source” to anything it seems to get people interested.   What does this mean? Simply stated, the one major Achilles heals of web-based applications is their inability to function properly when there is no internet connection.

Palm Foleo

May 31, 2007

I love gadgets and I love what Palm has done for the handheld market. I love the concept of Palm rolling out a new laptop-sized device. But that is where it ends. The new Palm Foleo has a fraction of the functionality of a Windows computer but is priced just under an equivalent laptop.   It syncs nicely with your mobile device but then again so does your laptop.   I haven’t had a chance to use this new product but in my mind I can think of virtually no one who needs it.

Razr Thin Laptop

May 25, 2007

Intel has built a laptop just one quarter of an inch thicker than a Motorola Razr. In addition it is loaded with high-end features, state of the art wireless connectivity and other bells, whistles and microphone arrays. The laptop looks like jewelry according to some and is intended to get the market more jazzed about laptops and technology in general.   The question I have always had is why Apple designs look so good and why every PC maker can’t design worth a damn. Sony does it best but still, no one is as good at Apple.   Can’t someone even copy them??   In the car market, virtually the entire country of Japan copied Germans for a decade to gain share.
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